Weekend Wrap Up

It’s the end of the weekend again. It’s been another nice leisurely stroll up to the work week. Friday we ventured out to see our good friend C bang on the drums in her rock band before she leaves town for CA in a few weeks. I am not nearly as cool as I was in my twenties, but when you know the drummer, you are allowed to be a little older and a a lot wiser about avoiding mystery shots at the bar. The gang dragged us out to a club afterward, but the fiance’ and I both realized after we walked in the door that we did not have the energy to keep up with a bunch of sweaty drunk 21 year olds on the dance floor. We left for our usual divey late night bar to play the jukebox and drink cheap.

I woke up early on Saturday to go shopping in the Strip District and made it all the way to the bus stop before it hit me that being out in the heat and hung over was a bad combination. I dragged myself back home and sat in the sun on the front stoop until the fiance’ woke up and called me wondering where I had gone. (Because I’m lazy and we’re lame like that, we actually had a pretty long phone conversation while I was still on our front steps until he mentioned how ridiculous it was). We snuggled up on the couch and dozed until afternoon. Then we convinced the mother-in-law to have us over for a cookout in her much bigger yard before the hockey game. By the time we got home (after the Pens lost the game good), we were both stuffed and ready for bed.

In fun health-related news, I woke up for the fourth time this week with the chest pain from Hades. According to my doctor, I have finally come down with my family’s acid reflux. I started on Prilosec on Friday, but I guess it hasn’t quite kicked in. So, I spent three a.m. to six a.m. hugging the toilet and losing my dinner. So fun. The fiance’ came down and offered to sit with me, but since his idea of being helpful is asking me every five minutes if there is anything he can do (which is sweet, but irritating when losing your lunch for hours on end), I sent him back to bed. Around seven a.m., I finally passed out on the couch nearest the bathroom for a few hours. Fun.

Today is homework day for me. Which is why I am here blogging- love to procrastinate! 🙂 The fiance’ is back at the mother-in-law’s so I can actually get some work done. The goal: finish the work by 9, so we can take a late night walk to get ice cream and play some silly Nintendo before bed. So, I guess I should get off WordPress and back to the trenches. Going back to school sounded so fun before I thought about the homework implications….


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  1. I am cursed with the dreaded acid reflux. Prilosec is good, but Nexium changed my life. I am not kidding.

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