Banquets are silly. Especially when organizations throw them for themselves and give their own people awards. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to be getting out of the office early on a Friday to get such an award and eat dry chicken. Because nothing’s better than being out of work on a Friday.



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5 responses to “Honored

  1. and drinking free booze?

  2. Unfortunately, the booze is cash bar only. Chintzy government!

  3. No fair! We just organized our own little award ceremony and awarded our own people, but there was no food and no leaving work earlier. Your organization is cooler than mine.

  4. Well, being out of work and being home is better, imho, but out of work is still good.

  5. They don’t throw banquets for us in government housing programs. They have mandatory staff meetings catered by Bob’s B-B-Q. Bob doesn’t know squat about B-B-Q. We eat and listen to our leader tell us how things are going while we scan the crowd to see who is no longer with us.

    Now, I’ve managed to get caught up on your posts and rather that comment every single one in the last two months, let me just say, you are so entertaining. I’m back to work tomorrow after a “vacation”. I need the rest and you provided the amusement I’ve been craving. I’ve been laying floors. You’ll have to read the blog… I’m tired.

    Have a great week.

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