Game 3

I grew up in Atlanta. Where it is hot. And ice hockey is not a real sport. But, when in Pittsburgh during a Stanley Cup finals game, it’s hard not to get sucked in to watching the Penguins. I sent the fiance’ off with a friend to the sports bar for a pitcher of beer. I needed to paint the finger and toenails. To do the dinner dishes since he was kind enough to cook the meatloaf. To catch up on my online homework.

But, shhhh. I’m watching ice hockey.

And there is no way I’m turning off a 3-2 game with 6 minutes to go when the home team is winning.

If anyone asks, I was definitely reading Vogue and exfoliating.



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3 responses to “Game 3

  1. Haha. Boyfriend (hockey player and big time Pens fan) would love for me to be a little more like you.

    I’ve tried. I just can’t get into hockey. Or really any team-ish sports on Tv.
    That’s one area where I’m a big girlie-girl.

  2. Hockey is the only sport my wife can tolerate. She loved going, but all we have the is minor league and the pace is so much slower.

    I am a displaced Red Wings fan and will reserve my comments about the outcome last evening!

  3. Lina

    Yay, you’re a Georgia girl too!

    *whispers* btw, I secretly DVR and watch hockey.

    Scott gives hockey a wide berth since he called it a sissy game, and I put him in contact with one of my college buddies who is an amateur ice hockey player. lol. it was kinda funny to see Scott look AROUND the guy to glare at me

    I say I’m doing the book keeping whenever I secretly watch sports.

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