Back from Norfolk- the Unplugged Edition

Darn it. I just wrote you all a cleverly worded description of my trip to Norfolk- it was quippy, fun, drama-filled and was promptly sucked into the void when WordPress logged me out for some reason when I hit “publish”. For now, the rundown:

  • Storms knocked out the hotel’s internet for two days- so no email, no getting in touch with morethananelectrician about lunch, no online school work, no blogging, and no work files. How did I ever function before the internet?
  • Spent most of my time Waterside eating tourist chain seafood, cocktailing, and enjoying the 70 degree weather while it still malingered in the 50’s back in Pittsburgh.
  • Realized that I am a pretty great employee when I am away from my Big Bad Boss (BBB). BBB has a way of making me feel absolutely incompetent at every turn. It’s a special gift of hers.
  • It helped that I had two colleagues lobbying me with job offers including promotions and bigger responsibility. And money- plenty of it. In Durham, NC. While I am planning a wedding in October. In Pittsburgh, PA. I explained this situation- and they offered to hold the job if I was interested- until November. Pros: warmer weather, lots of money, close enough to drive home and see my family for the first time in eight years (no plane tickets required). Cons: double the cost of living, less of a “big city” feel, less travel than I’m doing now. Luckily, there’s no rush to decide. The fiance’ is on board if I want to go. The money is very persuasive. And chef-ing can be done anywhere.

So that’s the greatest hits. I’m back at home for two weeks, then your correspondent will be jetting off to exotic Oklahoma City. For now, I see the sunshine peeking from the clouds and that can mean only one thing. Time for outdoor cocktails with BC and his boyfriend. The rest of life can get sorted out after happy hour, right?



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4 responses to “Back from Norfolk- the Unplugged Edition

  1. Wow. You (as usual!) have a lot going on. Are you seriously considering moving?

  2. I haven’t totally ruled it out as an option. The fiance’ really liked the idea of a place with a yard so he can get that puppy he’s been dreaming of. I just like the idea of trying to convince work to give me a similar promotion with the offer on the table as leverage. I’m going to email Durham my resume’ on Tuesday and see what happens. They’ve already made the offer, so it’s just a matter of nailing down the particulars and deciding whether I want to pull up stake and leave BC (he’s my Pittsburgh family and all).

  3. Well, you made it to Waterside, but there is a whole “other world” not too far from there (walking distance) that would have been right up your alley from reading about your other adventures.

    There is talk that Waterside is too dated and ready to come down.

    That storm on Tuesday evening was nasty!

  4. Lina

    We got storms in Georgia that made it look like the world was going to end.

    Life without internet?! *gasps loudly* Bite your tongue! 🙂

    Oooh, possible moving makes you scared yet excited huh

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