Not Missing, Just Hiding

Things I have been busy about since I last wrote:

  • Participating in a national taskforce at work that seems like it will be fairly time-consuming
  • Cooking dinner at home every night to save money because I am so broke it’s a joke
  • Commenting at Jezebel just because those girls make me laugh
  • Avoiding phone calls from Friend of Fiance’ (FOF), who apparently thinks he should call me twice a day or more because he is bored and whine to me about his girlfriend
  • Dodging the inevitable bullet of letting everyone know that we’re in full-on wedding planning mode for October and the cranky comments about the quality of the fiance’ to follow (I know, I know- you want explanations and answers and whatnot- they are forthcoming)
  • Writing more fiction and submitting more for publication
  • Watching House, and America’s Next Top Model, and South Park
  • Trying to track down BC who is constantly in and out of town now that his boyfriend is in Philadelphia
  • Going to happy hour
  • Sitting on my stoop in the lovely weather looking at the two foot hole in the sidewalk that I call the front yard, which is filling with green things
  • Baking chocolate cake and a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  • Reading Anne Lamott and Joan Didion books and adding others to my goodreads list
  • Getting ready for the next business trip (Norfolk, VA)
  • Starting my very first class in my new graduate program- yep, I’m going back for a Master of Professional Writing degree.
  • Making Sunday dinner for the future in laws
  • Reading books sitting on a bench in the park
  • Bellydancing

And I’ve neglected you all. I’ve been having a lot of little breakthroughs lately that I can’t wait to share. Just because I’m proud of me. And that feels amazing.  



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10 responses to “Not Missing, Just Hiding

  1. Wow! So much going on! I’ve been wondering where you were. I look forward to hearing about the breakthroughs and also more detail about all this stuff!

  2. missprint

    If you want something else to keep you busy, check out the goodreads neverending book trivia. It might be my favorite new thing on the Internet.

  3. Norfolk!?!?!?!? My email is here…I am relatively harmless. We should meet for lunch when you are in town. At a minumum, I’ll have to hook you up with some of the hot spots!

    Someone would have to tell me where they are first, but I’ll pass them on to you when they tell me!

  4. well well it’s about time you came back young lady, we’ve been worried sick about you. Don’t be a stranger ok?

  5. True dat. I was getting ready to send out the search party!

  6. Lina

    I’m really glad you’re back. We’ve been missing you.

    And… wowza what a list of busy-ness lol. I’d probably be behind on A LOT of stuff with House and American Idol too.
    Come to think of it, I never watched last week’s DVR-ed episode!! *puts fingers in ears* nobody tell me what happened!

  7. Joan Didion and Anne Lamott are two of my all time favorite authors. Which ones have you been reading? I have always felt a connection to AL because we are from the same place and a lot of her books are set there (Marin County: Mill Valley, Tiburon, Bolinas, San Rafael, etc.). And I was lucky enough to see the Joan Didion play, A Year of Magical Thinking starring Vanessa Redgrave, last year for my birthday. Amazing.

  8. Yay, Joan Didion, though her nonfiction is my favorite. I’ve been playing with goodreads a bit myself. Glad things are well, if busy, and best wishes that they continue to be well, that you and fiance continue to be well.

  9. Dear Eleanor, I miss your posts and I wish they would come back. Hope all is well.

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