Teaching DC to the Young Folks

Tonight the fiance’s sister was in DC for a student conference, and I was done with the work responsibilities so after a brief nap, we rendezvoused at the Dupont Circle fountain for 19 year old fun. As a former high school nerd, I don’t have a lot of faith in my ability to be hip at 31. But, I think I pulled it off nicely.

We hit up a benefit for peace at the Black Cat, bought some amazing music, pushed our way to the front of the crowd, snuck outside to smoke, and overall had the best all ages music experience I’ve had in a long while. After that, we snagged a cab to Dupont for empanadas which we snacked on sitting on the nearby church steps, watched a drunken frat boy curse the bartender for not serving him, talked philosophy and college and dating and family into the wee small hours, and poured ourselves into late night cabs.

And all of a sudden, to a 19 year old with a nose ring, I’m the coolest person in the world. Which feels like extra gravy on an amazing night. I’m taking myself to bed before the vibes wear off…..



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6 responses to “Teaching DC to the Young Folks

  1. It’s good that you can still hang wiht the young’uns…and even show them a few things!

  2. Yay! What a lovely DC night.

  3. billthetravelingsalesman

    the funny thing is, you will always be cool. Even when you’re 56. Don’t be surprised when you get there and it’s true.

  4. Lina

    That is really cool! Wish I had a job that sent me on business trips. Also, makes me wish I lived closer to my family, so I could be “Awesome Auntie” again.

    Glad you have had fun the past few days, makes work seem to go by faster, don’t ya think?

  5. hmks

    Sweet! I am also 31 and recently made friends with a 24 year old who actually thinks I’m pretty cool! It’s good to know I don’t actually have to start wearing Granny Panties yet…

  6. ya know, empanadas always make me happy.

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