Today: By the Numbers

Number of job candidates interviewed: 13

Number of applicants who checked their cell phone during the interview: 1

Tacky promotional items snagged from other vendors: innumerable

Shots of espresso: 3 (+ 1 regular coffee)

Chocolate malts: 1

Sappy text messages received from home: 5

Bourbon and diet cokes: 3

Lemon drop shots: 1

Blueberry oatmeal stout beers: 1

Glasses of water consumed in hotel room: 7

Calls from BC: 1

Taxis taken: 2

Actual meals consumed: 1

Number of mints consumed from purse: 20+

Shoe changes: 3

Shoes bought (pairs): 1

Alarms set for morning in hotel room: 3

Number of sleepy, slight inebriated business travelers in my hotel room right now: 1



Filed under Daily Life, Lists, Travel, Working for a Living

3 responses to “Today: By the Numbers

  1. Are you ready for home yet? I bet not. Sounds like you are still having tons of fun. Be careful with the mixing though!

  2. Wait, an interviewee checked their phone mid-interview? Why are people so dumb?

  3. Here’s to new shoes!!

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