Spring Break for Grown-Ups

Business trips aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. The hotels can be cruddy. The food can be hard to come by, greasy and gross, and eaten alone or with bad company. Traffic can be awful. Flights can get delayed. The companions can be mean, or clique-ish, or too old, or too young, or to sparse, or too available, or just plain dullsville. The cities can be hot, or cold, or wet, or in the middle of nowhere.

But once in a blue moon, you get lucky on a business trip. Lucky, like I am right now. Three of the “cute shoes bureaucrats” and I loaded up for a road trip this morning to DC. The weather was beautiful. My usually grumpy boss ok’d not returning to the office until Monday. We didn’t even turn on the radio the whole four hours down. Why? There was office gossip to tell, funny and gross and interesting stories to share. We laughed until we shot soda out our noses, gave eachother nicknames, threatened to only refer to eachother by those nicknames in professional settings, talked about boys and men, and managed to spill fast food until the driver suggested a ShopVac as the only solution. We declared ourselves on Spring Break ’08- the adult variety.

First stop on arrival? Manicures for everyone. Then group shopping for a cocktail dress for a wedding J has to go to next weekend. Then work, work, work. But let’s skip the dull parts. Off to check in to the hotel, showers and workouts, and a rendezvous on the hotel patio for happy hour cocktails. Silly shopping at the drugstore. Dinner and good seafood. A nice walk in the balmy weather (which left me with an interesting pink sunburn on the splotches on my forehead where I missed with the SPF apparently). And early to bed for the girls.

It’s been a while since I had a fun group of girls to bum around the city with. Tomorrow’s happy hour plans are already made, along with potential dinner options. I need to go shopping for underthings, shoes, and to Chinatown for whatever randomness I can swoop up.

Oh, and to think of how to explain my new nickname to my co-workers when I get back to Pittsburgh.



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6 responses to “Spring Break for Grown-Ups

  1. You forgot to tell us the nickname…

  2. Dear Ms. Trousers,
    I wrote a blog on the racist actions and strategies on the part of Hillary and Bill Clinton. This was all stuff I was really ignorant of until tonight.

    Won’t you comment and add some sense of legitimacy to my blog which is so near and dear to my heart? Por favor?

    It’s getting late. I’ll stop before I disrobe in front of my monitor in a pathetic and useless bid for attention.

  3. Yay for the best business trip ever! Also, where did you get the good seafood?

  4. I think you have won the lottery of business trips. I occasionally will have a sweet night amidst the many dreary days, but you are kicking my ass by a mile!

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