Already completed items on my Bucket List

There are 87 jillion things I want to do before I kick the bucket. In the interest of looking back, here’s a few I already managed:

  • Performed in a Super Bowl halftime show
  • Went to the Olympics
  • Saw a show on Broadway
  • Lobbied a Congressman in person for a cause I believed in
  • Toured the White House and the Smithsonians
  • Took a big chance on real love
  • Had a letter to the editor published in two major newspapers
  • Wrote a book (and found a publisher)
  • Learned to crochet
  • Played a musical instrument
  • Wrote a letter to thank my favorite elementary school teacher once I was grown
  • Saw my little sister get married (and was a bridesmaid)
  • Acted in a few plays
  • Swam in the ocean
  • Got engaged in a surprise down-on-one knee moment
  • Went to a professional baseball and hockey game
  • Went to a football game “between the hedges” at the University of Georgia
  • Attended a gigantic “march on Washington”
  • Moved to a city I had never seen until I pulled up to move in
  • Finished college (twice)
  • Went to law school
  • Learned how to make my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings
  • Danced in the moonlight to a shared walkman
  • Went to jazz fest in New Orleans
  • Visited Disney World and Epcot Center
  • Ate dinner at an Embassy
  • Ate warm nuts from a street vendor in Times Square
  • Took a road trip with nowhere in mind specifically
  • Played roulette in Atlantic City

Yesterday, I was having one of those days where I just felt not particularly “accomplished,” like I expected to be somewhere different at 31 than here- still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Thus the list- stuff I have done so far.

And five more that I want to do asap:

  • Go on a trip out of the country (anywhere at this point)
  • Ride on a float in a parade
  • Learn to ride a bicycle
  • Have engraved stationery
  • Go to a Latin Mass at the old Catholic church downtown

What are your 5 best accomplishments and 5 to-dos? 



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12 responses to “Already completed items on my Bucket List

  1. Love this list. Loved the whole post and love your blog. 🙂

  2. I forgot to make my list of want-to-do’s

    1. Go to the Olympics
    2. Try Sushi
    3. Get myself into the genus book of world records
    4. Run a marathon (not this year, but next. I’m totally going for it)
    5. Finish college and teach third grade 🙂

    List of accomplishments?

    1. Got in, paid for all by myself, and now I’m going to my first choice school.
    2. Can do my splits all three ways.
    3. I know sign language
    4. Can hold a handstand for over a minute
    5. Got a boy I adore to stick with me for 3 years and counting.

  3. I love this post. I have never thought about my five best accomplishments or what I want to do in quite this way.

    Here are the first things that popped into my head:

    1. Packed my car after graduation from law school and moved a thousand miles from home
    2. Grew a hobby into a company
    3. Raised money to support a museum I love
    4. Went to a concert for healing performed by Tibetan Monks
    5. Watched Lance Armstrong win his 7th and final Tour de France in Paris

    To accomplish:

    1. See the Dalai Lama in person
    2. Paint
    3. See Paris-Roubaix in person
    4. Speak French fluently
    5. Take my mother on a Mediterranean cruise

  4. Holy SHIT! I have been in a few plays. You know, like in 2nd grade. And I’ve been to Disney (hated it). Other than that, I’ve done none of your things. I’m 31 also. I will go kill myself now.

  5. That is a pretty fucking fantastic list. I like that you focused on what you have accomplished. Too much of life is focused on the what ifs and the failures.

    Let’s see. 5 things accomplished:
    Married someone I truly love
    Went to Harvard
    Quit a soul sucking corporate job
    Made NYC my home – when I never even wanted to move here
    Got a lap dance from a stripper

    5 things on my to do list….let me get back to you on that one.

  6. Lina

    Great list of accomplishments. Made me go, Woah, what have I been doing all my life?

    *First in family to finish college
    *Start my own business
    *Never regretted my career choice
    *Moved from tiny town to big city with minimum of help and transitional period
    *Didnt trip at any of my graduations (major accomplishment for me)

    To Do’s:
    *Learn to be less independent and let people in
    *lengthen that short fuse on my temper
    *Get rid of my old, broken tv
    *Finish a novel (published to hopefully)
    *use my time more efficiently

    btw, I’ve always wanted to GIVE a lapdance (to the person that said they’ve gotten one) 😀

  7. Ok, I have to do this. Really. You made me think.

    I think we all have moment of “What have I accomplished”. I always think I have more than others but maybe this will dispel some of that feeling.

  8. Wow!

    I want a cool list!!! I want one!!!

    First thing on my list:

    1. Come up with cool things I want to do.
    2. Do cool things to put on list.
    3. Stop dreaming and do them!

    Found you from my blog friend Reading is Manic!

  9. I love that law school and the Superbowl half time show are on your ‘done’ list and ‘learn to ride a bike’ isn’t.

    You’re fab.

  10. Your fantastic. I’m getting my list together.
    I think you’ll knock out those 5 todo really fast.

    Look for my list soon at

  11. I have a bucket list too! So far it has 158 goals on it, I am working my way to 1000. My favorites are ‘Milk a Cow’, ‘Ride a Zipline’ and ‘Make a Coloring Book’. You can see my list at Good Luck!!

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