Tuesday Happy Hour= Wednesday Sluggish Hours

So, the fiance’ gave me a call yesterday afternoon. Did I want to meet up for a quick happy hour after work? Sure. Why not? I grabbed a bargain sub at Subway to offset the cocktails and swore to stick to beer only. Bourbon is delicious. My one true cocktail love. But it also is not compatible with things like staying employed, waking up before the sun is up, or avoiding tottering home zig-zagging down the sidewalk long after dark. Bourbon is for weekends. Beer is for Tuesdays.

So, after two beers from our favorite friendly dive bar bartender, we decided to meander around the corner for a game of pool at the bar stumbling distance from the house. Which became a game of darts. Or two. Or three. Then BC made an appearance and we couldn’t leave until the “very special episode” of Law and Order SVU wrapped on on the big screen. Which required a few more beers. And all of a sudden, it’s 11:30 pm and I’m home dashing off a quick e-mail to my publisher about this weekend’s book release, microwaving leftover biscuits for a late night snack and crawling into bed precariously close to the alarm clock going off.

Which all goes to say, I am a very sleepy girl today. And though I’d love to go along with the girls from work for today’s happy hour festivities, I think I’ll give my liver and the under-eye bags a night off. After all, tomorrow is belly dancing class and I think right now my shimmy needs a serious nap.



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4 responses to “Tuesday Happy Hour= Wednesday Sluggish Hours

  1. Responsibilities at work and home have put beer on hiatus for a while.

    I remember it being cool and refreshing…is it still that way?

  2. You are too much like me. We would get into trouble together!

    P.S. I only just stopped feeling hungover at about 4:30 pm today.

  3. Lina

    Ah, happy hour. I remember ths time vaguely. Of course, I always worked happy hour and got the most tips. Now, this time between 4 and 6 has become the time I get ready to close up shop and go home.
    Happy hour has become a memory in the distance, shadowed by that evil hangover and “I did what?!” that I do not miss AT ALL. Going Recluse has its perks!
    lol. SVU rocks!

  4. morethananelectrician: Beer is still lovely and cold- I will save one for you for when you a break. 🙂

    Rebecca: We definitely could get ourselves into some fun trouble!

    Lina: If it weren’t for SVU reruns, I’m not sure what my t.v. would do for me. I am totally hooked.

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