Tuesday is for “Teeth”

So, has anyone read about “Teeth“? The Sundance film about a girl who has teeth in her you-know-what? (And yes, I know you know what- blogging on breaks at work can get a little iffy). BC and I are SOOO going to see it this week. Because I could use a little gore and humor and because an entire film based on cultural myths of the dangers of women down there is a must see for my women’s studies-loving booty.

I’ll let you know how it goes….



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6 responses to “Tuesday is for “Teeth”

  1. Yes! I’m definitely going to be seeing that at some point!

  2. Interesting..taking the concept of ‘vagina dentata’ literally…

    Let us know how it is.

  3. There is also the 2003 flick Angst along the same lines. I was at the bar one night & a guy suggested this film. I put it in my netflix queue, but haven’t seen it yet. Quite a conversation, I must say.

    Eleanor: Who knew there were TWO teethy cha-cha movies? Apparently a niche market… badump bum.

  4. OMG..i saw the trailer for that one and was completely freaked out!!! lol…im waiting for your review…before i commit to going!

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