Denial: Not Just a River in Egypt

So, after stumbling across this old post from Stephanie Klein at Greek Tragedy on the end of her marriage, I have slipped into a bit of a Thursday fog. Blah.



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3 responses to “Denial: Not Just a River in Egypt

  1. I read that post- she is very insightful.

    Being a divorcee myself, I’ll say this: it is probably much easier to postpone a wedding than it is to get a divorce….and, you and *you alone* will know what to do about your unique situation. I remember getting all the advice in the world, and for me? I ended up doing what my gut had been telling me to do from the beginning.

    I wish you strength and a lot of self-love during this time.

  2. The gut is always right, but – sometimes it can be hard to hear the gut. Sorry you have the blahs. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hi, I’m a recent reader (found you through Green Yogurt) and have been catching up with your old posts. Thank you for this link. I wish I’d read that seven years ago. Who am I kidding…I should read that every morning before I start my day. Loving your writing.

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