One Down, 97 Million to Go

In the grand struggle to decide what I want to be when I grow up, I think I have considered just about every field. But with a new project at work as a recruiter, my time to investigate new jobs has gotten pretty limited. Luckily, jobs come to me.

Part of my duties involve fielding calls from the various advertising groups and temp agencies who want my employer to hire them. They “check in” once a week to see if we need anything, come by in person to drop off materials, and in general make themselves slaves to anyone who might be able to get them that elusive commission check.

This much I know- commission sales and cold calls are not for me. They all seem pretty content when I meet with them, but I would go nuts having to beg for business. My sister’s husband sells medical supplies and sits around watching DVD’s on sales strategies and goal setting for fun.

Fun? No thanks. One job ruled out. Willing to consider all other options….


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