Special Delivery

Wedding DressWedding Dress

Yep. Today’s the big day. My wedding dress comes in via DHL this afternoon. I got a voicemail about a fitting appointment.

And as you know, this excitement is not exactly exciting right now, what with the fiance’s screw-ups and all. I guess I could just sit around the house in the thing and have a Miss Havisham moment. I actually thought this was going to be a dramatic, angsty, tear-filled flailing moment. I had BC all lined up just in case. But really, I am somewhere between numb and blah. I’m even tired of my own drama.

But it is a pretty, pretty dress. Just another reminder that my life is on hold for a little while so I can sort my brain out. My heart, on the other hand, gets me in nothing but trouble. It’s not invited to the discussion any more.



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4 responses to “Special Delivery

  1. The dress is so beautifully elegant.

  2. Argh, what bad timing. It’s like your life is forcing you to make a decision when as you said in your last post, you just want to lay low for the moment.

  3. So pretty! Too bad it’s not the most opportune time. 😦
    Also, can I just say that I appreciated the Miss Havisham reference even though I loathe Dickens. Ugh.

  4. Lina

    I love the dress! I do believe Halley had quite a few Miss Havisham moments, though she is a classic-literarture illiterate, so she didn’t find them as entertaining as did.

    The heart and the mind weren’t meant to play nice with each other…

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