Witness for the Defense

The explanation for the text messages has been bantered back and forth a thousand times since I found them on Friday. In the interest of fairness, the claim is this:

The girl has a thing for the fiance’. (I know this to be true). The fiance’ was at a friend’s house drinking until all hours of the night in a snowstorm (also true). He drunkenly thought he’d flirt with the girl by text message and con her into giving him a ride home (also probably true).

But this is the thing. And what I told him tonight I didn’t think I could “get over” in the immediate future. I never saw being married and having him still charming other girls for rides or drinks or whatever. No, I do not have a car. But, it shouldn’t have seemed ok to use her willingness to do anything he says, even for a ride in a blizzard. That just plain should have seemed inappropriate. And honestly, and I told him this, I expect him to treat women better than that anyway.

Even if it is the other woman.



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9 responses to “Witness for the Defense

  1. This is a very poor excuse/story for him to have/invent.

  2. grrrr…. awwww damn…. that whole thing just sucks… sorry you have to deal with it at allllllllllll….

  3. If the story is true then it’s equally bad I think. I mean, how far is he willing to go in order to take advantage of others so he can engage in all night alcohol fueled parties? It ends up being a choice. Do I want to go out and get drunk? Even if it means I have to betray my girlfriend by flirting with another girl in order to get home? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’m new to your blog, but I think you deserve better than this lame excuse. It’s lame if it’s a lie and it’s still lame if it’s the truth.:(

  4. I’m just catching up on this and it seems like these text messages are the things you see and your heart drops into your stomach. I’m sorry too that you have to deal with it and hopefully you can decide what is best for you.

  5. Ugh.
    Things like this make my heart sink.
    Especially since I think that’s a poor excuse, even if it is true.
    So not cool.

  6. This sucks. I hope you are able to figure out how to deal with this in a way that is healthy for you. I’ll agree with others that it’s a poor excuse.

  7. Is he under the age of 22? If so, this is understandable, though still unacceptable, behavior. If he had a daughter would he want her being used for rides given to drunk boys who are engaged to someone else? No he would not. Thus, he should not use girls. And if he wouldn’t mind, dump his ass.

    E: exactly the argument I made, except I substituted his 19 year old sister for a daughter.

  8. This whole situation makes me queasy and honestly I couldn’t wait for you to update on it again because I wanted to hear how it turned out. Either way, the situation sucks, his story sucks, the text messaging sucks. I am not taking sides what-so-ever but, he’s not perfect, he was drunk and made a mistake ( a big mistake)

  9. Oh man, I’m so sorry about this. He definitely made a mistake, a big one, and hopefully once you’re feeling calmer about the whole thing you can sit down and talk about it and work it out. Good luck!

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