What I Have Done Since I Saw You Last

  • Gone to happy hour multiple times with the “cute shoes bureaucrats” from work. Those girls are so fun it makes my teeth hurt.
  • Started taking bellydancing lessons. I paid for a month up front, and so far am digging it. I think if I ever turn pro, I will be the tackiest bellydancer in the world- I would be covered in jangly shiny coins and beads. I love exercise with accessories.
  • Have gone back to my original supervisor (who believes my life should be pain) from my temporary job (that I loved).
  • Have found out the temp position is opening up permanently, but going back would mean a serious paycut (like in the five figures…) and some burnt bridges which could sting later since we’d continue to have to work together- still trying to figure out if it would be worth it- I have a few weeks.
  • Took three sick days from work and spent them on my couch staring at the t.v.
  • The fiance’ is out of work (again). He slept through a shift after staying out with his buddies all night the night before.
  • However, the fiance’ aced his finals at school and should be able to transfer to a great program in the fall full-time on a honors scholarship.
  • More bellydancing- went to a bellydance show at my favorite coffeehouse and stuffed my face with three kinds of spreads, a dessert, a chai, and a flavored soda.
  • Celebrated KT’s birthday with many, many bourbons.
  • BC picked up my drunk ass and drove me home when I decided I could walk home from KT’s birthday party after the cab was too slow. Yes, I was drunk and making bad decisions.
  • Did some laundry.
  • Oh… and discovered a set of strange text messages in my cell phone. More to come on that.     


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2 responses to “What I Have Done Since I Saw You Last

  1. Sounds exciting. It’s good to have you back!

    Eleanor: Thanks Annette!

  2. WTH is with the fiance? What kind of responsible adult drinks so much that they won’t be able to get to work the next day?

    Eleanor: The answer, unfortunately, is an adult with bipolar disorder and a “self-medication” problem. When he is good he is very, very good- and when he is bad, well- he’s not a responsible adult. I’m not making excuses- it is what it is.

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