How to Hide Out

  • Stop returning cell phone calls from friends who may ask how you are and set off a long rant you don’t want to perform.
  • Correspond with your family by text message just enough that they don’t call the police and report you missing.
  • Go to work and stay in your office listening to voodoo chant recordings on an obscure online radio station while you do whatever tasks you can make yourself drag to completion.
  • Put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt with a bleach stain.
  • Surround yourself with books, a portable DVD player, and a few notebooks and take to your bed.
  • Clean your entire house top to bottom so you feel “productive” while you hide.
  • Ignore the 601 emails in your inbox.
  • Neglect your blog until the point that you worry if you can ever reproduce what the last few weeks have looked like.
  • Give up on historical reproduction and blog what you have to offer and hope your readers can forgive you.
  • If they can’t….. wash, rinse, repeat.


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6 responses to “How to Hide Out

  1. Carol

    Had such hopes for your blog.

  2. We can forgive you, of course. In fact, we like what you have to offer. At least, I do.

  3. Thanks Jess. And Carol (though I regret that you have been disappointed).

  4. no need for forgiveness! I’m just glad you are writing again. Although not so glad about the text messages….

  5. Thanks Rebecca. Glad to be back.

  6. I think the funny thing about this “blog world” that we live in is that we have these little “communities” of people that we wouldn’t recognize on the street, but we have developed a deep involvement with. I know more about many of the people I have “met” here than I work with every day.

    Welcome back to us…we are glad to know you are alright!

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