Weekend(s) Wrap-Up (part 2)

And now for the promised summary of this weekend’s adventures. Then, we will be all caught up on “assignments” and we can continue in my usual daily rambling fashion with no direction for the future. (Which, come to think of it, is an odd metaphor for my life of late, but let’s not dwell on that shall we?)

Friday was yucky, nasty, and slushy so I stayed close to home and hit up the local dive, which was a ghost town. I lingered over a bourbon until the fiance’ got off work, met him for a burger, and crashed to recover from the week. Saturday was a meeting with my publisher (mentioned below), and Sunday brought us to “date day”.

I never thought I would be part of one of those couples who scheduled a “date” into the week. But with the fiance’ on nights and me working days, if we are both in the room awake at the same time, it is cause for celebration. A whole day is a miracle. Sunday was our weekly miracle. We eased out of bed, sipped coffee, checked the budget, and tossed on jackets to beat the setting sun into the daylight. First stop, sandwiches and chips. Then around the neighborhood to the local playground, where we camped out on a bench watching the trees, planning our dream house, and deciding what to have for dinner. Then the grocery store for good steaks and salads for dinner at home. We played a board game over hot chocolate. Off again to a free concert at the coffeehouse over a delicious chevre and fig dip (ooohh- yum). A glass of wine at the dive. Home to cook dinner and watch Tivo’d t.v. And to sleep.

I’m sure I have lots of clever quips to make about the day, but I’ll just leave it as a list of sorts and move on to bigger and better posts. A lovely weekend.

And back to the office- oh well.



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5 responses to “Weekend(s) Wrap-Up (part 2)

  1. Ahhh Sundays. I’m glad you guys had a date day. I too cringe when I realize that I am now “one of those couples.”

  2. Lina

    Being able to spend evenings with my guy reminds of times when I worked at a bar during college when I had to do “date nights” or even do the whole “day dates.” I’ve missed many a good opportunity because of this.

    However, I do like it when he works late because then I get free range of his apartment. I think his is bigger than mine… Not Fair! hehe

    I’m glad you had such a nice Sunday though. Pray that mine is as relaxing after a certain stressful event coming up.

  3. Your last sentence is exactly what I was thinking. I want a day like that. Torsten and I will have to plan one soon.

  4. creatist

    🙂 praying for you…

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