Living in the BIF zone

Every one I know in a long term relationship has a BIF- the bad influence friend. The fiance’ is no different. His bartending years yielded his BIF- a wonderful guy who is guaranteed to suggest they take a road trip to Manhattan on a day’s notice, go camping after a night of cocktailing, take phone numbers at the bar on a dare, gamble their paychecks on a poker machine, and in general act like 22 year olds with no responsibility any time. Luckily, the fiance’ is only rarely susceptible to the BIF’s charms. This has kept me from wringing BIF’s neck on occassion.

BIF is moving. From Pittsburgh to California. And I saw it coming. But tonight was BIF’s going away. The fiance’ found that out only today and promised BIF a drink. Or three. Or five. I met the fiance’ for post-work happy hour which led to phone calls to BIF and late night plans. Because BIF and I have never been buddies, I offered to come home and send the fiance’ and BIF out alone. And the fiance’ stayed out until six a.m. for enough cocktails to kill a small horse.

 (But I can smile about it. Ding dong, the BIF is gone! California, hold onto your hats….)



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5 responses to “Living in the BIF zone

  1. ahhhhh I love it when people move!

  2. I think the one last night is totally worth it! California is so nice and far away!

  3. Haha yes everyone seems to have BIF! Good to hear yours is moving away! Today is gonna be a good day.

    Small horses are overrated.

  4. unrelated, but i wanted to tell you that i’m diggin’ your blog roll, gives me a new direction to go each day. 🙂

  5. Lina

    Hmm… Is it bad when I see semblances of my old self in this BIF description? Oh well, better not dwell on this 😀

    Now you’ve got the Wicked Witch song stuck in my head. Ding Dong! lmao

    We only care when it’s big horses anyways…

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