Taking this show on the road

I bought a laptop last fall imagining that I would spend my spare time tapping away in bars and coffeehouses on masterpieces and freelance work, sipping on overpriced coffee and meeting the neighbors. Instead, the laptop’s main travel route has been between the bedroom and the living room.

I could blame it on the fact that it doesn’t fit into the sleeve I bought because it’s an inch too big. I could blame it on the fact that I never made it out to buy a better laptop bag. But really, I’m a homebody. By the time I’ve made it through work and the hour on the bus and trudging through the slush, I am ready to be on the couch and charming the local coffeehouse sounds exhausting.

Today, I decided to change all that. The woman publishing my chapbook wanted to come by and go over cover designs and final edits. The house is a disaster area, and I didn’t want to admit my domestic failings. So, I suggested we meet over coffee and laptops. The new coffee shop by my house has pillows and tables and delicious snacks and affordable authentic Turkish coffee. And is cleaner than my living room, which was a big selling point this morning.

 I gently slid the laptop, sleeve-free, into a tote bag for the two block walk. Between free WiFi, iced chai and red pepper hummus, and the drum circle in the back room, I was hooked. This could be my new routine.

Once it warms up outside that is.

For now, I’m off to the comforts of my slippers before dark. I don’t think the coffeehouse owners would care, but I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I go out in fuzzy slippers. A hoodie, jeans, and some beat-up tennis shoes for a meeting, yes. But slippers is just too far… for now (plus I don’t want snow on them).

(p.s.- I haven’t forgotten the gay bingo story… it’s coming, I swear).



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3 responses to “Taking this show on the road

  1. Lina

    I wish I had a cafe with Wifi near my apartment! I’m so jealous! I have soles on the bottom of my houseshoes and go to the mom and pop cornerstore in them all the time. It makes me feel like a hobo though.

    Gay bingo? I gotta hear this one!

  2. My laptop is from 2003 and is a monster compared to the newer models; therefore, I avoid taking it on the road. Plus, we only have one cute coffee shop in this dreary town. Sigh.

    I’m totally intrigued by the gay bingo story. I must hear it!

  3. My laptops life sounds a lot like yours! It’s staying indoors too..especially until it warms up!

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