Today’s Shopping: A New Alarm Clock

Have I mentioned that I hate winter? Of course I have. It’s in the 20’s again today and drizzling cold white yuck from the sky. The fiance’ is snuggled all warm in the bed because he sleeps until noon and works until midnight. And I? I am on the couch – yes, on a work day. Why, you may ask? Because after tossing and turning all night (got to give up late night coffee), I woke up to a blinking alarm clock that read 7:59. I have to be at work by 8, and ideally by 7 so I can ease into the day like a cold swimming pool before I have to, I don’t know, be nice to anyone?

For some reason, now when you hit the snooze button on our alarm clock it resets itself to 12:00 and blinks. Which would not be a problem if I didn’t rely on the 42 snoozes every morning to pour myself out of bed and out into the cold. My brain does not function in the morning enough to realize that when I get up and turn off the alarm it will let me sleep two hours past my wake up time. I have started setting three cell phone alarms  to help with this problem- which works until I hide the cell phone under a stack of pillows so it will stop doing that annoying beeping.

I have become a habitual latecomer to work. Luckily, my current temporary supervisor rolls like I do and enjoys arriving around 10 am. We both stay late every day and the work gets done. But in two weeks, I will be back to working for the clock watcher, who considers 3 minutes a perfectly good reason to, I don’t know, fire someone. And my lazy ways will not work any longer. Which means it is time for an earlier bedtime. And a new clock.

My dad, who had to try to drag me out of bed for the very sleepy high school years recommended Clocky:

Apparently Clocky gives you one shot at getting up or rolls off the nightstand and around the room until you get out of bed and find him to turn off the alarm. I see some tossing in Clocky’s future. Or some crawling under the bed in mine.


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11 responses to “Today’s Shopping: A New Alarm Clock

  1. I have an organic alarm clock — my cat, who ensures I never sleep past when she thinks I need to be up and will pat me and yowl until I awake. It’s very effective.

  2. Oh, if only I could commit to furry creatures. I’m pretty sure the fiance’s dream puppy would totally drag me out of bed.

  3. A friend blogged about a very cool alarm clock he got for Christmas.

    I live in fear of the day when my boss decides that my tardiness is no longer acceptable. Or when he realizes that I never stay late. Oh well, I’ll just tell him that’s how I roll.

  4. Oh I know allllll about going to work late because of faulty alarm clocks. Either that or I really turn it off in my sleep then wake up at the time I’m meant to be at work and freak out. I find it easier to wake up now I’m living with Christophe as he sets his alarm for the same time to help me out, so I’ve got two now!

    I heard about this alarm clock with a light in it that replicates the sunrise (and also starts making noises like the birds singing etc) it’s supposed to be really good at rousing you in a more natural way as opposed to the madness of the annoying nuclear alarm bell. My friend has it and says she feels more refreshed now.

  5. 1. Winter sucks.
    2. A malfunctioning snooze? You’re going to give me nightmares. (At least having nightmares involved sleep…that’s a plus)
    3. That Clocky thing looks satanic. I’d have to kill it.

  6. The name “Clocky” is really funny to me for some reason. That is a beautiful invention. And calls to mind a whole lot of puns. Like that you will want to clock it when it’s beeping at you from behind the radiator. Or something.

  7. I realized a few years ago how much I hated waking up to the awful beeping of the alarm clock, so I tossed mine out all together and started using the vibrate on my cell phone.

    I now use a pre-recorded version of my own semi-annoying voice saying “Goooood morning! It’s time to get up!”

    And if that doesn’t work, it turns to “GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR, IT’S TIME TO GET MOVING!”

    Clocky sounds like a nightmare to me 😉

    Goodluck with the search.

  8. creatist

    oh soo cute! 😀 wish they sold the clock here 🙂

    thankyou soo much for your informative comment …you have been so helpful 🙂

  9. The natural sounds and light up clock seems to be pretty popular. I’d have to have a backup system. I’m afraid I’d be lulled back into a coma by soothing natural sounds, smells, and light 🙂

  10. Fortunately, my husband is my alarm clock. I am NOT a morning person and it takes me a very very long time to wake up.

  11. I would probably end up throwing Clocky against the wall after I found him!

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