Zipcar Pittsburgh- Fully Redeems Themselves

In the interest of fairness, I have removed my post about our experience with Zipcar. On Monday they were kind enough to refund 100% of our costs for the evening, credit us with free driving time, and even sent a lovely bouquet of lilies to our home to apologize for the trouble we had with our car. Now THAT is what I call customer service.



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4 responses to “Zipcar Pittsburgh- Fully Redeems Themselves

  1. These are the types of things that keep me buried in my house…

    What a crappy day. Hopefully everything will get credited and you will be able to laugh about it in a few months!

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  3. That sucks! I have almost always had excellent customer service with Zipcar. I have been using them for the last 3.5 years. Maybe it will just take some time to iron on the merger kinks?

    In the meantime, at least you guys are best friends.

  4. Ok – thank god. Because I love zipcar. A little too much I think.

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