Glamour is My Middle Name

No, it’s not. But my heart leapt a little today at work. I’ve been asked to serve on a national task force at work and will need to travel for their annual conference. Where, oh where, would my glamorous travels take me? I hoped for Vegas, Hawaii, Miami, DC, NYC, Cape Cod, New Orleans.

Nope, Oklahoma City.

I’m sure it’s a lovely town, but it’s not glamorous. Sigh. Federal government, why do you let me down?



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6 responses to “Glamour is My Middle Name

  1. LOL! Just bring some bermuda shorts and a flowered shirt…watch out for tornados!

    Eleanor: There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home (wait- that’s Kansas….)

  2. I have only been through OK City once, but here is what surprised me: red clay and hills. Topographically, it reminded me of Georgia.

    We were driving back from Kansas to Texas, and I found it surprisingly lovely, though it might have been in comparison to the flat emptiness of Liberal, Kansas.


    Eleanor: Maybe it won’t be so bad if it looks like home….

  3. creatist

    lolz 😀 you never know, u may find glamour at the most unexpected places 😉 got a sweet blog here.. 🙂

    Eleanor: Thanks!

  4. Hey, you never know. Oklahoma City could have its own special brand of midwestern glamour. Here’s hoping, anyway. At the very least it will probably make for some cool photos.

  5. I used to do government work in PA. Harrisburg is not a sexy town.

  6. verb2be

    “Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain…” (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

    Eleanor: Heehee. Which is exactly what I titled my email to my best friend about the trip. 🙂

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