Valentine’s Day- broke edition

Dinosaur Love

This year we’re still getting ourselves on our feet, money-wise. Pennies are being counted to pay utility and credit card bills for at least the next few paychecks. So, when it comes to the annual Valentine’s industry spend-a-thon, I’m pushing for minimum. I’m girly- I enjoy jewelry, and flowers, and perfume, and candy, and all that jazz. But I don’t need it for Valentine’s Day. In fact, if the fiance’ came home with the $5o flowers, I might wring his neck… I’d rather have grocery money.

But, I hate to see the cheese-fest that is Valentine’s Day go unnoticed around here. So, how do the broke celebrate? There’s no guarantee we’ll actually see eachother awake on V Day. He’ll be home after my bedtime on Thursday, sleeping when I leave for work, at work when I get home, and possibly gone til after midnight at work. I bought a handmade card at the craft fair last week- a little dinosaur with “Will You Be My Valentine” and filled the inside with love. I picked up a six pack of his favorite and put it in the fridge for his unwind time after work. And I started a journal in a little handmade book I picked up of all the reasons I love him. Hopefully I can finish it at work and leave it on his pillow V Day night.

Friday is date night around here. We’re doing steaks for dinner and then going to see the Spiderwick Chronicles (his choice). It’s not glam, but it’s us. And I’m looking forward to it- any excuse to celebrate eachother in the rare minutes we get together.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.


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  1. Sounds like you have some sweet gestures planned. We make a pack to always do V-day on the low-down – we usually kick filet mignon for dinner, drink a bottle of champagne, etc. This year I made a cake as a surprise. No, I am not planning on jumping out of it. 😉

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