Disturbing Web Connections

A few days ago I stumbled through tag surfer into this blog, ostensibly written by a male feminist named Kyle Payne. I thought his branch of radical feminism was a little extreme for my taste, but nonetheless, I left a comment and got one back. Today, I received the following comment (news story) from a reader (ryan) and thought I’d post it here, rather than in my comments:

Here is your feminist Kyle Payne:

Storm Lake Privacy Invasion

Thursday, 14 February, 2008 12:00 AM

(Storm Lake, IA)–An arrest is made by Storm Lake Police in relation to a ten month long investigation into an assault and invasion of privacy of a Buena Vista University Student.

A search warrant was executed at Pierce Hall room #B10 on April 26th of last year. Authorities seized a computer and a digital camera from 22-year-old Kyle Payne’s room. A search of the Ida Grove man’s car turned up photographs described as personal in nature that also showed the woman may have been assaulted physically without knowing it.

A search of Payne’s Ida Grove home turned up more evidence including another computer. All items were sent to the DCI Crime Lab for forensic analysis.

Through investigation it was found that Payne, on January 3rd of 2007, was serving as RA for Buena Vista University when he attended to an intoxicated 18-year-old female student in her dorm room. He allegedly physically assaulted her while she was unconscious and video taped the act and downloaded the images onto his laptop.

Payne was arrested at his Ida Grove home Wednesday and charged with 2nd degree burglary, a class C felony, invasion of privacy, and assault. He was taken to Buena Vista County Jail and booked on an $11,300 cash bond.

Those assisting with the investigation include the Buena Vista University Security Department, Buena Vista County Attorney’s Office, and Mercy Child Advocacy Center.

Now, I am a firm believer in “innocent until proven guilty.” But this one has me speechless. And disgusted. If he’s guilty, the hypocrisy of calling himself a feminist is unbelievable. My heart goes out to this student.

Yet another reason not to believe everyone’s internet persona. I’m just…… speechless.

UPDATE: I have been removed from Mr. Payne’s blogroll since yesterday evening.

UPDATE 2: More on this case available at “The Undercurrent,” BVU’s student paper.


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  1. S

    I actually worked with him at the time, and still work as an RA on the Buena Vista Campus…
    Your comment about hypocrisy is at best, an understatement.
    It is important to realize that there are few, if any, students who actually hold an ounce of respect for him, and I hope your readers understand his actions in no way reflect what Buena Vista stands for. Thank you for publishing that blog entry, as it is nice to shed light on such a disturbing situation.

  2. T

    Personally I have never had respect for Kyle Payne so if that makes me biased then so be it. In my opinion he is a pathetic excuse for a human being not to mention a self-proclaimed feminist. He was a prime example of a child who spent too much time growing up and being stuffed into lockers who then had new found power when he came to college and decided to become a RA. I felt it was pathetic on Buena Vista’s part by attempting to sweep this transgression under the rug. I’m sure their depleting enrollment was in the back of their minds as this would give the university a black eye they didn’t need. I find it very comical how Mr. Payne was the recipient of the “BVU Man of the Year” award shortly before committed his disturbing and disgusting act. It’s very scary to think a person who is in a power position as well as responsible for the welfare of students is a possible sexual predator. I know this is all interjection but people who commit sexual assault are lower than scum and deserved to be treated that way. I pray hes sterile so he doesn’t pollute the world with any other social degenerate dirt bags like him!

  3. Yoink… I’ve seen this guy’s blog before and didn’t think much of it; but I’ve never had much time for radfems and their acolytes.

    This is truly disturbing – the idea that someone could be pushing the particular agenda this guy did while possibly being a sexual criminal gives me the willies, frankly, as does the idea that people in authority knew about it and attempted to cover it up.

    It’s also rather infuriating on a personal and political level – I find the stereotypes of the “pro-feminist male” as manipulator or whipping boy to be deeply infuriating as it is, and this guy is simply reinforcing the first one. As a proudly feminist man, this bugs the living snot out of me.

    Gah! Some people. All that being said, if he turns out to be innocent, I’ll retract.

  4. d

    What’s disturbing to me is how the facts of this situation have become so completely distorted in such a sort period of time, and the immediate assumption of guilt.

    Eleanor: As you’ll note, I have stated that Mr. Payne is innocent until proven guilty. I have merely posted the news article about his arrest and noted the apparent conflict in his blog (which he began after the initial investigation started) and the charges. This is an open forum and anyone with “undistorted” facts to offer is free to do so. I moderate comments only to avoid spam, not to prevent contradictory thought.

  5. Another BVU Student

    I’d like to point out that Mr. Payne was also arrested last year for having child pornography on his personal laptop. My guess is, that’s how the police found the video of him committing his second crime…they already had his computer.

  6. B

    Also keep in mind that he was asked to leave Buena Vista University because he allegedly had possession of child pornography on his computer. So all beliefs held by Kyle Payne, depending on your belief of the situation, are complete BS. Kyle Payne is the definition of hypocrisy.

  7. Yet Another BVU Student

    RE: Another BVU Student.

    Please check your facts before you present them. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Kyle Payne was never arrested or charged with anything until Wednesday. These are the first charges that have been brought up against him. He was never charged with anything relating to child pornography.

    It was an “Assault” — it doesn’t say it was a sexual assault.

    Just my thoughts.

  8. I agree very disturbing indeed. So sad that someone could be so hard up that they need to take advantage of someone blitzed.

  9. Kyle Payne is a Scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. B

    I’ve checked my facts and although they were not published in that article that is the reason he is no longer at BV. He was never arrested or convicted for the child porn but his laptop was turned over to the authorities. And he was asked to leave BV. Just because your not charged with something doesn’t mean you didn’t do it.

  11. Good gravy

    Kyle has dedicated the last four years to fighting injustice against females. It was all he focused on, leading the campus advocacy group that helped students suffering abuse, attending conferences around the country to meet with leaders of the movement, facing a lot of hard times from people who couldn’t understand why a male would stand up for females. The number of times I saw him in tears with frustration when he heard another story of an abused woman were more than can be believed. Kyle is not a bad person, not a woman-beater or rapist, not a user of illegal porn. Anyone who has taken the time to talk with him – or who has seen his passion while fighting the fight – could tell you that. Don’t rush to judge based on rumors or unproven accusations.

  12. B

    Then why is he arrested for possession of such things on his computers?

  13. B

    I’m sorry but you don’t get arrested for being a women’s rights activist.

  14. WTF

    ok…..and charles manson was a saint…..it is one thing to fight for something and then TOTALLY act the other way….and as for the “HARD” times and frustration and crying he had fighting for womans rights…..he is gonna do hard time and there will probably be tears and frustration when Bubba has got him cornered during shower time in prison or jail……maybe we should have a mental stability test before “trusted” individuals get into a position of power around BV…..next time an RA tells me to go to my room ill be thinkin twice…..

  15. m

    I have talked to Kyle personally many times. I have never had much respect for him, and that was before any alleged wrong-doings. I can tell you though, that he most certainly was asked to leave the university after child pornography was found on his computer. I can also tell you that I think that the post by good gravy is bogus. Kyle obviously has many problems, but nothing a little hard time can’t cure.

  16. T

    Good Gravy are you a member of BVU faculty? Your portrayal of Kyle Payne at best is extremely mis-informed. Apparently the Buena Vista County believes he is in fact a sexual deviant. You can sit and defend him all you want, but the evidence of him being something most people wipe off their shoes will outweigh his “passion” you are referring to.

  17. Bubba

    It is obvious that this person arguing in favor of Kyle Payne is very close friends with the sick S.O.B. I would say all the crying that you witnessed kyle doing in favor of women was a complete attempt to seduce you to thinking that he actually cared about women and improved his chances of doing this stuff to other women. I believe this man should be sentenced to the death penalty, or stoned by the friends and family of the girl he did this to.
    If I saw Kyle Payne again i’d laugh in his face, because he wrote me up for under aged drinking a number of times and now he is in jail for something that is inexcusable. I’m having a toast to that now.

  18. Shocked

    First of all, I didn’t know that if stood up for a woman it gave you the right to “assault” another. Numerous individuals defend women and do not assault them while they are completely out of it. He abused his power and took advantage of an innocent girl, in my book that does not make Kyle Payne a good person.
    Secondly, as far as there being no evidence that suggests Kyle Payne sexually assaulted a girl or had child pornography on his computer, you are right innocent people get arrested and taken to jail. Obviously, there was evidence to obtain a search warrant and clearly enough of it was found against him to arrest him. If he was such a “good person” why would BV ask him to leave? In my opinion it was his best option to leave BV because he was looked down upon by many and probably would have ended up regretting staying in the long run. The so called “Man of the Year” has really got himself into trouble and I’d like to see you people defending him try to get him out of this.


  20. S

    To the poster of the WTF comment…

    Do not group the staff at Buena Vista around one pervert’s wrongdoing. Assuming that you have had incidents in dealing with the RA staff on campus, you should realize by now that there was little respect among staff members for him either, just as many students. Comments such as that, and what can be found in our campus newspaper today, are extremely harmful to the reputations of those who do not stand behind him or what he may or may not have done.

  21. B

    continuing BV standing tradition there are high odds that this years senior of the year will be a woman beating dirtball as well. Yeah BV!

  22. Buena Vista as a school is a very respected and produces some very succesfull graduates. The school shouldn’t be to blame for one bad apple. I think this Kyle Payne character had a lot of poeple fooled. I have never met anyone that actually liked the kid. Blaming the school for this instance would be like blaming every other school that a shooting happened at or a rape happened at. There are some very sick people in the world today and their random acts are very hard to predict. I attended BV and thought it was a great insitution (Still is in my opinion). Like I said Kyle Payne had a lot of people fooled.

  23. confused

    This is a hard thing to read. Kyle was very good to the female students at BV in my opinion. He was strict but very intelligent and kind. Everything I knew about him as a fellow student from friendly and class interactions we had really contradict all of this. Two of his major researches were stopping pornography and rape. I still, after hearing all of these allegations, cannot picture him doing these things. It’s hard, in my mind there are two different people at work here and I really wish that he would explain himself.

  24. B

    You can think what you want about Kyle Payne. You can be in denial all you want. But that facts are clear. They found child porn on his computer. His car turned up photographs that presented a possible assault on a passed out girl.

  25. C

    He was found to be in possession of a significant quantity of child pornography last year. He first played it off as being too zealous in his research into sexual exploitation, then switched to completely denying any knowledge of it.

    In the process of looking through his files to track the history of him downloading the child porn, they found pictures of him engaging in sexual assault of a BVU student while she was either sleeping or passed out. He was touching and disrobing her while taking pictures of the whole thing. The arrest this week was partly the result of that investigation.

    As far as the child porn, he isn’t yet off the hook for that. They’ve got him dead to rights, but they’re putting together a bulletproof case because he’s going to fight it with everything he has.

    For those of you who think people are being quick to judge, take comfort in knowing that he had all of us snowed. His activism was a cover. I was rather close to him until all this went down. He started acting weird months before this started, including breaking off his engagement. He confided in his fiance about some of this stuff once the sh*t started to hit the fan, and eventually he distanced himself from her altogether.

  26. BVU student

    I remember when all of this happened last year because I had been working with Kyle during the fall semester. What nobody’s talking about is how little the university did in communicating this and addressing it. They did turn it over to law enforcment, I’ll give them that, but they really didn’t do anything else except instruct him to stay off university property.

    He was still able to graduate because his profs let him finish his courses via email. Never underestimate the power of denial.

    All the while, the powers that be knew about everything they had found on his computer. Since he was in the last semester of his senior year, they just let the clock run out instead of forcing a confrontation. I can understand not wanting this kind of attention, but that seems like something that can easily backfire. People are talking about it a lot more now than then, and as the details are starting to come out, people are feeling very alarmed.

  27. Biggy Smalls

    Here is the site for his charge. Click on the actual charge tab and it says burglary and invasion of privacy with nudity.

    Here is the site to check in the upcoming weeks because he will be on this before long. EXPLAIN THAT KYLE PAYNE FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!

  28. Yet Another BVU Student


    Furthermore, I agree He had a lot of people fooled. He was [and still is] A FREAK! Obviously there is enough proof to arrest him… so I’m not really interested in the argument that he “didn’t do anything until proven guilty.” Obviously he has done something.. or he wouldn’t have been arrested and removed from BVU last year.

    Finally, just because one RA is a freak doesn’t mean that any other ones are. Grow up and quit making stupid assumptions.

  29. student

    I’m shocked that it took this long for this to happen. Had it been anyone besides “golden boy” Kyle Payne, this would have exploded last year. For Christ’s sake people, the photos they found on his computer last year show him exposing the private parts of a sleeping girl. The more recent parts of their investigation uncovered additional photos on his personal computer at home. They would not have proceeded with the arrest unless they had been able to identify the girl and determine it was not consensual.

  30. C

    There WAS child porn on his laptop. That’s why they obtained a search warrant for his email, server drives, and the rest. The justification for the search warrant is a matter of public record. Look it up.

    He was actually reprimanded by the university for having possession of child pornography, but in that those processes are confidential, only Kyle and the persons bringing the complaint know about it. This is according to his ex-fiance.

    The state still has his computer and copies of all of his email and everything else on his server drives from the search warrant. They’re going to keep investigating until they either charge him or until they decide they don’t have a case.

  31. huskergirl

    I’m wondering, what makes people think the university covered it up? If he was kicked off campus then they obviously did something…Did anyone wonder if the girl didn’t want to go after him thru campus but wanted to go after him off campus??? Also, I’ve had pretty cool RA’s and wouldn’t let this be a reflection of all RA’s – that wouldn’t be fair to people that do an awesome job.

    Oh yeah, I think the senior award thing was taken back after the charges…so relax everyone!

  32. B

    “Yet Another BVU Student” I can tell you with absolute certainty that their was child porn on his computer. I know from quite a few reliable sources. So you can just get rid of any denial you may have.

  33. bvu FEMALE student

    Kyle Payne is truly an ASS HOLE. Wow. I cannot believe what the he did, he deserves nothing less that burning in hell.
    -BVU female

  34. Yet Another BVU Student

    I challenge you to provide your “reliable sources.” 2fix gamers are not reliable sources, just FYI. The SLPD, BVU Security, and the DCI are reliable sources.
    Look, I’m not trying to stand up for what he did. He’s quite obviously a freak… but when people start interjecting their personal opinions/assumptions/rumors as if they are fact I have a problem with that.

    Kyle Payne is a freak. Plain and simple. He’s a menace to society.

  35. E

    That child porn was found on his computer is a fact. However, the people who have direct knowledge of this can’t comment on it while it’s still under investigation. Campus security, and numerous individuals in student services and administration all know about this, but they’re not going to talk.

    There are certain aspects of this that are public record like the search warrant and the details of his arrest this week. It’s too bad the Tack just re-reports the work of other reporters instead of asking questions of the authorities both on and off campus, because a reasonable amount of digging would have turned this up.

    If people want to know the truth, they need put away their ignorance and start asking hard questions. What kind of criminal investigation involves the DCI and why were they on campus? If they had photographic proof of a student engaging in assault, sexual or otherwise, why was that student not expelled? Are the other students entitled to know that one of their fellow students had possession of child porn? Here’s a guy who was in positions of trust as both an RA and an activist, and he violated those trusts in major ways. What did the university do about it, and why did they communicate so little about it.

  36. BVU grad

    I worked with Kyle as an RA. He always struck me as odd, and as not quite what he seemed. He never accepted his place in the school, and always strived to be in the spotlight. Well, Kyle~how’s the spotlight?

    I agree with statements posted above. He’s a freak and a menace to society. I’m glad his demons are finally being addressed.

    My sympathies to out to the woman who he assaulted. Nobody deserves that, especially from this guy.

  37. Student

    In response to E’s statement about how the Tack covered Kyle Payne’s arrest, the reporter who wrote the story did contact BVU security, University marketing and communications, the Storm Lake Police Department and the Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office. She asked very hard hitting questions, and they would tell her nothing.

    Instead of bashing the Tack on this blog, why don’t you let your opinion known in direct response to the article via the Undercurrent (www.ucbvu.com) or by writing a letter to the editor and submitting it to the Tack?

    Maybe you’re the one who needs to put away your ignorance and stop assuming things…

  38. E

    …because I’m not assuming things. The search warrant record is on file with BV county, and SLPD is not going to do the footwork for a student reporter. To take a “no comment” from the SLPD and conclude there’s no information is naive. It’s there, but we’re not going to be spoon fed it. The majority of the Tack article was just a regurgitation of what another outlet had already reported. That’s not an assumption either.

    Reading this blog, it seems like people are far more willing to expend their effort getting into pissing matches rather than to dig into what’s going on or find out why our university isn’t telling us everything.

    What people also don’t realize is that between the time the child porn was discovered and the time it was turned over to law enforcement, people not directly involved in the investigation but who had direct knowledge of the facts were talking with others about what was going on. Once it became a law enforcement issue, everyone hushed up. There IS factual information about what happened on this blog, none of it is in Payne’s favor, and I don’t expect the faculty or administrators sourcing this information to step forward.

  39. Former Beaver

    Well, thankfully, I was gone from BVU campus proper when all of this was going on. All I can do is reiterate the comments above that while Mr. Payne didn’t overtly or expressly do anything to upset me personally, he did, well, always rub me the wrong way. He seemed very patronizing… and then to find out about the supposed child pornography and now the assault (physical or sexual, it doesn’t matter…. they’re both despicable)… I hope justice is served. If Payne really is guilty, I hope he pays for his crimes. I say if.

    I hope that the truth finds some light and we can finally get some answers as to what has happened on BVU’s campus.

  40. Yet Another BVU Student

    E~ If you’re so sure that all of this information is so accurate, and there is such a strong case with the child porn then I challenge you to prove it. You’re taking rumors and assuming that they are fact. Like I said before, I’m not trying to defend him. I have no reason to defend him (in fact, I don’t even like him).. but you need to have proof before you start spouting a claim like that. Not only does it make you sound stupid, it’s illegal. (Called deflamation of character.) Perv boy could actually sue you for spouting off unproven facts.

  41. M

    I have to say that I never ever liked this guy. I always found his care for females and feminism to be too good to be true. That said, I am not one bit surprised that BV didn’t say much last year. The university PR department has had its hands full the past few years with a number of black eye situations from an enrollment situation with Nepalese students last year to Kyle Payne which they didn’t address, to another girl getting sexually assaulted this past fall (nothing has come of that charge though).

  42. still another BVU student

    Yet Another BVU Student: your absolutely right. If what’s being said isn’t true or can’t be proven, it’s slander and defamation. You have to understand however that a number of people know this same information and can’t talk openly about it, but still feel like campus needs to know. You’ll have your proof in time, courtesy of the State of Iowa.

  43. still yet another BVU student

    Man, The Undercurrent (ucbvu.com) is awesome. I can’t wait to leave some comments on their stories as well.

  44. Sam

    Nwever liked the guy. I haven’t spoke to a person that has. As a RA , he was the most disrespected person at B.V. I and several other people hopes that he gets strung up by his privates for his doings.

  45. Former RA


    Here is Kyle’s latest thoughts…

    Don’t associate all RA’s with Kyle Paye, I’m sure you have had good experiences with most…

  46. eek

    Kyle was not BVU’s Senior of the year last year. That was Chris Peters. Kyle was the Leader of the Year. Still, ironic nonetheless.

  47. Aren’t computers sort of a smoking gun in these cases? I mean, if it is his computer, and the videos and photos are there, and he’s in them. . . . I’d say it was kind of like the body parts in Jeffrey Dahmer’s fridge?

    Gee, I’m sure you all broken up over being removed from his blog roll. Hmmm, wonder where he got a computer to get online to drop you?

  48. Dixiegirl,

    He’s out on bail for now (and blogging again). I’d agree with you on the computer evidence. In general it’s pretty difficult to fight photos with you in them in your possession.

  49. Sam

    He needs to be in prison with , Bubba …. maybe a taste of his own medicine !

  50. Katie

    I attended BVU with Kyle Payne. In fact I was in many of the same organizations he was in. It was easy to see that Kyle never truly showed his true nature. He always acted like he had something to hide.
    There were very few people at BV who like Kyle. Even the administration seemed to get annoyed with him. In my opinion this is the reason BV didn’t try to hide what he did. They didn’t want him to bring down the school any more then what it already is and they didn’t care about him.
    It is fact BV covers up anything that might hurt them. Last year they covered for the student body president who hit his girl friend in front of wittneses. When a prop tried to do something about it they banned her child from campus, they have refused to protect another woman by allowing her ex on campus even though there is a known protective order against him.
    BV is sexist and it does not protect its female students. The problem not only lies with Kyle but also with Buena Vista University. It is my guess that if Kyle had been more liked by the administration, and this had not gotten out so fast to the police;BV would of covered this up too.

  51. Kyle’s most recent piece, “A Different Kind of Pain”, is a masterpiece of spin, I must say, and paints him in a tremendously good light. For the convenience of anyone who hasn’t yet read it, I’ve boiled it down by paragraph:

    First is tortured nobility – “I could reply to all those nasty accusations, but to do so would be misogynist. I am just too virtuous to reply to these baseless accusations because that would legitimise them.” Extra feminism points there, too.

    Second: “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good… Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood”.

    Third: “Respect my self-control as I struggle mightly not to clear my name of these baseless accusations, because it would interrupt the due process of law. And did I mention how baseless the charges are?”

    Fourth: “I’m innocent, really. I just wish I could do more to clear myself, but that would be disrespectful of the law and its processes. Innocent!”

  52. HIST

    I am shocked and confused. I knew Kyle pretty well. He is obviously confused and has a lot of issues to work out, but Justice must be served.

  53. TJ

    I was a student at BVU during all of this, and I have read everyone’s comments and I would like to interject a few thoughts. First, let’s agree, no one is guilty until absolutely proven guilty. Not to say I don’t believe the charges, but we should wait and see how it all pans out. Furthermore, I, too, have witnessed Kyle’s enthusiastic and well-worded speeches on the subject of female rates and anti-violence and was moved. Here’s where I might rub some people the wrong way. It is possible to be passionate about something and still be a miserable human being on the side. One word: Hitler. He could be passionate for his agenda (making Germany a superpower, again) but still do things to further a second agenda (we know what that one was). Kyle may have been passionate about his agenda of anti-violence and women’s rights, but his agenda of primal instinct and desire may have gotten the better of him. Just as we can’t condemn the guy without proof, we can’t laud a saint until all the facts are present.

  54. Julian Real


    First, Kyle is not “innocent until proven guilty.” He is, according to U.S. laws, “presumed innocent until proven guilty.” If he did what he is charged with doing, he hasn’t “undone it” simply because there is now a serious charge against him. Hence, “presumption of innocence,” not “innocence.”

    As many already know, most rapes aren’t reported, and most women who do take matters into the courts are violated there as well. In very few rape cases, in which there WAS a rape, does the rapist get any significant jail time, or any time at all. Meanwhile there is at least one black man in prison serving decades for pot possession. So much for justice.

    I posted this to Kyle’s page, and we’ll see if he leaves it up there:




    Publicly posted response by JR:

    You say you can’t speak about it publicly, Kyle. But that’s not true. You are choosing not to. Is that because you are facing criminal charges? Obviously facing charges doesn’t equal “guilt” of said crime. However, I don’t believe men (re: our racist sexism and misogyny) are entitled to what this country terms, to men’s tremendously self-serving and harmful-to-women-and-girls advantage, “privacy”. You may be choosing to participate in (and likely benefit from) a system that harms women in any number of ways: the legal and criminal justice systems are racist and misogynistic to the core, as you well know. As a white man who has been supportive of radical antiracist feminist and Womanist actions for a long, long time, I can tell you something you may already know: EXPECT profeminist men, including radically profeminist men, to fuck over women in any number of ways, inside and outside “the movement”. Myself included. Accountability is the issue here.

    What I tell the women who know me is this: I support you publicly discussing anything I do that harms you, in any way, as determined by you, not me. That is not usually what men tell women, is it? Usually we men try and silence and control women, and girls, don’t we?

    I can’t offer you any presumptions of innocence. No man I know, especially any white man, is “innocent” of harming women, sometimes in ways termed “sexual”, in racist patriarchy. Not one. You and I are no exceptions.

    The Rich White Duke Dudes aren’t either. They were guilty of overtly misogynist and racist acts, of denigrating and exploiting at least two women’s humanity (at least two that one night alone) by “renting” them to come to their frat home to perform as sexxx-things for their entertainment. Legal rape is another matter: those whiteboys DID (at least visually) violate and (at least verbally) denigrate two women. Of course in this country, there’s no crime there, except and unless either woman had “sex” with any of them, in which case the women could be charged with the crime of prostitution. We are not surprised.

    In Sweden, being a “john” (most often a procurer, renter, user of women and/or girls) is a crime. It should be a crime here also. A man having “sex” with an intoxicated woman should also be a crime and/or a civil rights/human rights violation, regardless of intent. Such acts should legally be considered a form of rape. Do you agree with that statement? Answering this is not about you or anything you have done, it is simply a statement of your values. I await your answer.

    I don’t know the details of what you have been charged with, and obviously cannot know the truth, or one of several truths–yours being the most “valid” and “believed” in this society–of the charges or claims. But why should you get “room to breathe”, “trust”, and “freedom from judgment and speculation based on incomplete information”, when no raped woman or any woman charged with anything (including the charge of being somehow responsible for a man’s or men’s rapist behaviors) ever gets any of those things, for even one day?

    What you are asking for is the advantage of your male supremacist privileges and entitlements; your statement above requests that they remain in tact during this challenging time for you and your family. I can certainly imagine it is a challenging time for your family. My heart goes out to them.

    But I don’t accept that any man’s male supremacist privileges and entitlements are legitimate to begin with. Including here, now.

  55. Katie

    I went to Kyle’s site to read the above post. He did not keep the post on his site. However, I was not surprised. Kyle has never liked anything that would have him painted in a wrong light.

    My heart goes out to Kyle’s family as well. I know Kyle’s mother well and even as a mother myself I can not imagine what she is going through. However, Kyle could care less about the feelings of his family. He cares only for his image.

    The people Kyle has hurt are vast. He has hurt an innocent woman who will never know the true extent of what he did to her, he has damaged his family, killed the trust his friends had in him, and completely shocked any one who knew him and what he said he stood for.

    I know in my heart Kyle doesn’t care about any of this and that is what makes me angry.

  56. I can’t offer you any presumptions of innocence. No man I know, especially any white man, is “innocent” of harming women, sometimes in ways termed “sexual”, in racist patriarchy. Not one. You and I are no exceptions.

    How dare you presume to make such a blanket statement! It’s ignorant stereotyping driven by your ideology, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Sorry, Eleanor: I didn’t want to threadjack, but I couldn’t let something like this go.

  57. This is too bizarre to comment on.

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  59. Bob

    haven’t heard what became of the situation. has he had his trial? if not, when is it?

  60. Rusty

    See Iowa Blogger Pleads Guilty to Secretly Photographing Woman’s Breasts
    by: Lynda Waddington



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  62. –oh, WOW. I had just stumbled upon this person’s blog and was already rolling my eyes: yayz, another male “radical feminist,” whom I always view with deep suspicion, and was quickly reaching the conclusion that he was a sanctimonious prat at best; but I had NO idea till I idly googled his name. uh. WOW. that’s…really fucking classic.

    see, this is what happens when you deny the shadow. and are an enormous fucking bastard person, of course. ugh.

  63. Darren Johnson

    Any one who lives in Storm Lake or close to Storm Lake should go to this sick S.O.B sentancing on 11-Aug-2008 at the Buena Vista County Courthouse. Payne has asked for open sentancing. This means the Judge will listen to all that want to talk then decide what the sentance should be. He needs to do time.

    CYA at the courthouse on 11-Aug-2008.


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  71. Kyle

    Anyone with the name Kyle Payne is a cool cat in my book. As for being a molester I doubt it. But he did have a good idea to be a feminist to get laid. Kyle needs to stay away from passed out broads. Kyle Payne is the Tits!!!

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  75. Joe Blow

    This is one of the funniest items I have ever read!!!

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  78. Renee Jensen

    There was a true victum here and it was not kyle payne. Taking nude photos of a young girl while in a position of power, without consent is a sexual offender. He claims that it was over as soon as it started…BUT went on after the deed to post the pics. Another thing…it was thru the investigation that the pics were stumbled upon..they did not investigate the photos for which he was arrested for 10 months…imagine being called in to see yourself on someones computer in a “porn” sort of way. He is a self serving, self centered SOB.

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  82. fidelbogen

    If the funky truth were known, the entire pro-feminist men’s movement is riddled with guys like Kyle Payne.

    Really, what the hell drew them to feminism in the first place. .? Such things happen for a reason.

  83. Robert

    There are also women like him. You never really know someone until…….

  84. Renee

    We are hoping he has to become a registered sex offender now and maybe that other families will not have to go through what are family did in 2008.

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