A Good Eulogy is Hard to Find

This morning’s emails:

Me: If I am brutally murdered… Please Lord, you must be the first on the scene and do better than this husband:

“He heard the news from a police officer: His wife had been killed.

“She’s taken very good care of me,” Mr. Adam said. “She’s looked after me. She’s a good and decent woman. Never harmed anyone.” “

God forbid I should be remembered as harmless, good and decent. I suggest trampy, bitchy, witty, and “she had great shoes” as alternatives.

BC: don’t worry, after I draw attention from my OWN hysterics (vapors, smelling salts, u know) I will be more than delightfully tacky in describing your most delicious attributes.

“she took good care of me?” dear lord.

Me: I knew I could count on you. Make sure they know this is my natural haircolor and I was not a day over 29 as well.

(The woman had a doctorate in clinical psychology and 20 years in practice and she gets the “she took good care of me” treatment… sigh)

BC: well now you’re just asking me to flat lie… the shoes, bitchy, witty, etc. is no fabrication. But come on, who’s gonna believe me when I say not a day over 29? CLEARLY they’ll have assumed you’re not a day over 27…

Me: And that, my dear, is why you are my best friend.

BC: xoxox. happy v-day boo. B


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3 responses to “A Good Eulogy is Hard to Find

  1. FRM

    Love this post…. Men. Gotta love them…or watch CSI for tips on how dispose of their bodies.


  2. Good boos are hard to find. I like yours. 27. Hope you had a Happy Sugar Overload Day.

  3. Wow, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband would do better than that.

    Eleanor: Seriously. I can only hope he was in total shock.

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