Full Disclosure

The fiance’ knows I have a blog. He knows about the great comments I get from readers, that I often take five minutes to jump on the laptop and check for the latest from my email and links and stats. But he also is not much of a web junkie. He would be perfectly happy if the entire internet was free email, YouTube, Craigslist, horoscopes, and job search pages. As far as I’m concerned this is a good thing- my internet and his internet rarely cross paths. He loves me, but has never really asked to read my posts. He’s much happier helping with my short stories.

Tonight we had dinner with the future mother-in-law and came home- at which point I pounced on the email as usual. And while I surfed around, he glanced over my shoulder.

“So that’s your web page?”



But, the point is, he knows where to find me. Not that I would have hidden. If he would have asked before now, I would have given him the digits, so to speak. I’ve just been calmly carrying on without forcing the issue. I’m not worried- he’s surprisingly uninterested, even knowing I’ve blogged about him. His only concerns were that he remain unnamed and unidentifiable to random googlers. I promised.

So, does this really change anything? Not so much. Is it possible he may click in and read once in a while? Sure. Is it likely? Actually, not really. Will I wonder if he’s reading? Probably for a week or so, until I forget he knows where to find me. The benefit of life with someone who finds the internet a little dull is that he drags me away from the screen to have the adventures I write about.

But just in case he’s reading…

I love you.

And just in case he’s not…

Truth still available here.



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5 responses to “Full Disclosure

  1. My husband knows about my blog, has seen the blog, but my guess is he rarely reads it, which is totally fine. I don’t hide anything from him and if he read it cover to cover, I doubt he would not be offended by anything. And hello from Northwestern PA (way north). I’d rather my husband and I had moved to Pittsburgh than dreary Erie. Eck!

    Eleanor: come on down for a visit! Pittsburgh would be glad to have you.

  2. I think a lot of us are in the same boat. Except for occasionally looking over my shoulder, my husband never reads my blog. It’s fine with me, but I find it kind of weird. I know that if he had a blog I would be reading it constantly! But I am snoopy like that. I did ask him if it was okay to post the journal entry I wrote when we were in a fight though…just in case…

    Eleanor: I’m snoopy too. I wouldn’t be able to resist if he had a site.

  3. Funny – my hubby just found out about my blog through a comment made by a friend when we were out to dinner. I was like you guys – not trying to hide it but not really offering it. So now he knows it exists but that is the extent of it. He has shown no interest – I was a little hurt but after reading what you guys have written I feel better.

    Thanks all!

    Eleanor: It does seem like we’re all in the same boat. It would be so much more exhausting if I thought I would have to second-guess myself constantly or have him picking fights over my posts.

  4. While husbandless, I do have parents. Elderly, Catholic, very religious parents. And like your men, my mom knows about the blog, someone will occasionally show her a specific entry, but she chooses not to read it regularly. The conversation went something like this.
    Me: You can read it if you want, but do you really want an unfiltered glimpse into my life?
    Mom: Not any more than you would want one into mine
    Me: Exactly

  5. Lina

    Nobody really knows about my blog except for, of course, the other 2/3 of three women, and I’m sure my assistant has figured it out. I like my anonymity and large pieces of privacy. It seems out of all my friends, peers, employees, and family that I’m the only one interested in the blogging universe

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