Completely Off-Topic

OK. Is anyone else waiting to see if the Amy Winehouse performance on the Grammys is amazing, disturbing, or some sort of trainwreck? I’m not a big Grammy-watcher, but I can’t resist this year….



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3 responses to “Completely Off-Topic

  1. Yes, and it was all of the above.

    I have been such a huge fan of hers — and I adore the work of her producer Mark Ronson. Her band was hot — though not as hot as when she was touring with the Dap-Tones.

    Oops, I think I just outed myself as a music geek.

    Eleanor: Geeks welcome here. Yes, it was all of the above.

  2. Wait, so how was she able to perform? Last I heard she couldn’t get a visa to come into the country, but then I heard today that she had.

  3. bookgirl, I think she got it too late so couldn’t go?

    Eleanor: That was how I understood it. She got approved too late to attend so they had her perform from London.

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