Happy Hour, the Next Day

Water is my friend. Lots and lots of water.

The lovely KT from work has one of those dual-achiever marriages where they do activities that I dream of. One of them- dinner club. They meet up at various restaurants for happy hour, mix and mingle, cocktail, and get to know an interesting assortment of people. And yesterday, since we were both overworked and needed a break, she invited me and our co-worker M to join them. The drink special? Five dollar Bellini-tinis.

Generally, I am a bourbon girl. But the call of a peach vodka, Absolut Currant, champagne cocktail was too strong. I had three. And through the haze of three cocktails, the night was one of those lovely fuzzy evenings, where the conversation is interesting, the food delicious, and I felt funnier and more intriguing and happier with every fizzy sip. I met fascinating people, one of whom offered to contact me about a writing project she’s working on and a book she just put out. KT’s husband, a local journalist, asked for my card for some theatre reviews he wants to outsource. My co-workers were hilarious and as I left, they were texting M’s latest conquest ordering him to put in an appearance.

It was wonderful.

But, oh, beware the Bellinitini hangover. I crawled in bed early last night and slept until all of the liquid in my body apparently evaporated. I’m three large water glasses into the morning now and hoping to stop feeling like a powdery shell of my former self by the end of the day.

Tonight’s BC’s birthday happy hour, which I have assured him I would not miss for all the world. And hopefully, the bartender will know how to make a Shirley Temple. With a glass of water as a chaser.  

GOOD NEWS: A month ago, there were 2,000 of you. Now we are 4,000+. I love you guys.



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4 responses to “Happy Hour, the Next Day

  1. The good news, at least how I can see it, is that you get to say bellini-tini like 800 times. That word is good times on its own!

    Eleanor: I like it too. I should have a bellini-tini party…

  2. bipolarlawyercook

    May the new contacts be worth the hangover. : )

  3. Thanks. I think I’ve managed to regain my equilibrium…

  4. Lina

    I like to say bellini-tini. The ring of it makes me giddy. 😀

    Eleanor: Trust me. Three of them definitely made me giddy. 🙂

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