The Weekly Phone Call to My Parents

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Dad: Hello.

Me: Hello! How are you?

Dad: Your mom went to a basketball game.

Me: Well, I missed calling you this weekend, so I just thought I’d call and say hello. What’s new with you?

Dad: Just waiting for House to come on. Your mom should be home by 9. I’ll tell her you called when she gets home.

Me: OK. Anything else going on?

Dad: No.

Me: Sorry I was so busy this weekend. A local publisher is going to publish a book of my stories, so I had to edit them. It’s not a really huge deal, but its exciting and I had a lot of work to do on them….

Dad: That’s ok. I’ll tell your mom you called. She shouldn’t be late.

Me: …..ok. Talk to you soon. Love you.

Dad: Love you too. Bye.

Dial tone.

The man hasn’t ever quite gotten the hang of the lingering phone call. He’s great for a “my computer is broken, what do I do?” call or a late night ride when you have a flat, but the man just isn’t much of a talker.  

It’s ok Dad. I love you back.



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4 responses to “The Weekly Phone Call to My Parents

  1. Ugh. I have the opposite problem. I can never get my dad off the phone!
    And have I mentioned that I’m insanely jealous and momentously happy for you in regards to the book?
    Because I am.

    Eleanor: Thanks!!! I’ll be excited too once we go to proofs. This week has been a writing frenzy…. but I am loving it.

  2. I hate talking to my Dad on the phone – and I have to admit, it hurts my feelings the way he seems so disinterested in me.

    Congrats on the book. What a fun thing to have in your life right now!

  3. Bookgirl,

    Which of my sisters are you? The Hippie or the Yuppie? 🙂

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