How to End Up Exhausted on a Monday

  1. Plan for a “date” on Friday immediately after you get off work.
  2. Meet your “date” (or fiance’) for happy hour.
  3. Follow with a three course dinner.
  4. Follow with a movie.
  5. Go to bed at 3:00 am.
  6. Wake up Saturday at 10 am, lounge around house, and work on freelance work.
  7. Get phone call that your unfinished short stories will be published. Yay!
  8. Realize that this means you have to finish them- now. Boo….
  9. Do laundry for three hours with your future mother-in-law after you have totally cracked out on three cups of coffee.
  10. Work on stories until 1:00 am.
  11. Run out with fiance’ for a beer and a quick game of pool.
  12. Come home and watch a comedy special on tivo until 3 am.
  13. Wake up panicked at 8:00 am on Sunday.
  14. Begin working on stories again.
  15. Meet publisher to review the contract and your stories.
  16. Come home and draft four article proposals.
  17. Take nap.
  18. Clean kitchen and living room.
  19. Meet friends for appetizers, then pick up fiance’ from work, then invite friends over to watch Project Runway on tivo.
  20. Friends leave at 12:30 am.
  21. Check e-mail.
  22. Crawl into bed at 1:30 am.
  23. Wake up at 5:30.
  24. Go to work.
  25. Sigh……..


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2 responses to “How to End Up Exhausted on a Monday

  1. Damn, woman! You need to relax. It’s early to bed for you tonight! 😉

  2. bipolarlawyercook

    Congrats on the stories! Go, you!

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