Look Ma, I’m a Real-Life, Honest-to-Goodness, Writer

Good news for my non-paying literary “career” today. Last week I spotted a post on Craigslist looking for short stories from local Pittsburgh authors and replied with some of my feeble attempts cobbled together in the last few months- all very rough drafts. This afternoon, the phone rang.

It turns out that a local publishing class is working on putting out chapbooks as their class project with the aid of their professor, an independent publisher. And, it also turns out that this particular student was really excited about my stories and wants to publish them. The students are investing their own money and time into the project hoping to recoup their investment when they sell copies of the books. We are meeting tomorrow to go over the contract and she’ll need a final manuscript this week of 12-20 pages. I’ll be up most of the night getting my feeble stories on their legs for her to review tomorrow and pick her favorites.

As BC pointed out, the best part of all of this is that when people ask me what I’m writing from this point forward, I can say I’m working on “my next book”. God, that feels good to type. And while a local chapbook is no multi-jillion dollar deal with Random House, it feels just as good right now to me.



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4 responses to “Look Ma, I’m a Real-Life, Honest-to-Goodness, Writer

  1. amazing! I am so happy for you!

  2. Wow, that’s really something. Congratulations!!

  3. bipolarlawyercook

    That’s fantastic. “My next book!”

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