On the Refrigerator

Arc Welding Postcard

When I just can’t bear to go to work some days, when I wonder why I bothered going to law school, but feel locked in to the daily grind to bring home the bacon, I go to the fridge. Not for a snack, but to look on this postcard tacked up there. It’s always nice to remember there are other ways to make money. Plus, if I ever pack it all in and head off to be a welder, I can imagine myself as a Jennifer Beals Flashdance welder….


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One response to “On the Refrigerator

  1. morethananelectrician

    Warning. Welders are notorious pot smokers. You should be aware of this before you get into the trade…or cross bridges!!!!!!

    Eleanor: I’ll keep that risk in mind! 🙂

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