How I Made $500 on a Tuesday

It must be the gypsy blood. Seriously, my grandfather was Romani. But, whatever it is, I have moved around quite a bit. I have lived in twelve different homes since I left my parents’ house for college. In four different states. I am woman on the move- constantly. I have mastered the art of the postal service change of address form, know how to reserve U-Hauls on a moment’s notice, can pack up all my worldly possessions in two days or less.

Apparently some of my mail has gotten lost in all the hubbub. And today, on a slow lunch break I decided to look up the unclaimed property listings. I thought maybe I’d track down a forgotten five dollar bank account. Instead, there were not one, but two unclaimed checks. One for a paycheck for a mall job I had in college in GA. And one for overpayment of a fine in PA. For a grand total of almost $500!

Now, I don’t want anyone to think I don’t work hard for my money. In other great financial news for the day, I got three offers for freelance writing gigs- one for a career blog, one for a “lifestyle” blog on relationship and career change, and two encyclopedia entries for an academic publication on activism. It’s a long way from paying all my bills by writing, but it’s an improvement. I’m on my way- to somewhere other than my brain slurping office career- at least part-time. And now that the fiance’ is working, I have evenings to write uninterrupted. My resolution to apply to five writing jobs a week is already paying off with results.

Now to decide how to spend my windfall. New boots? Or bills? I know what the responsible answer is. It gets so tiring being responsible. (Maybe I won’t be this time.)


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One response to “How I Made $500 on a Tuesday

  1. I hate being responsible. But, it actually can feel strangely good at the same time. I wonder if I have any money forgotten somewhere…

    Eleanor: I hope so! Good luck.

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