The monthly book club debacle

I have technically been a member of a book club now for at least six months.Every month I get the invitation in my e-mail along with the assigned book. At least three times, I have actually read the assigned book. But it seems like in the months that I read the book, I end up scheduled for something else on the night of the meeting. Or if I’m free for the meeting, I haven’t even picked up the book yet.So, the next day I get a great e-mail about the delicious wine and snacks, stimulating discussion, great turnout, etc. And I am bummed. These sound like women I would love to meet up with monthly. Those smart, witty, book-reading women my life is so lacking right now.

So, I have officially resolved to show up at least once. I suspect if I can get it together one month, I will not want to miss the next one. The next meeting is 1/24/08 and I am 3/4 of the way through the book (The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud). I think I can, I think I can.

Really. I will. Let you know how it goes.



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4 responses to “The monthly book club debacle

  1. Funny – I have always wanted to be in a book club – I love to read and love to discuss books. So at the end of December four of my closest friends and I decided to start our own book club as a way to get us together monthly. (It is a wine/travel planning/book club!) I keep wondering how this is going to go …. I guess we’ll see. January 30th is the first date and I have already finished the book!

    Wish me luck.

  2. Good for you for finishing the book already! I’m usually such a fast reader, but our book this month isn’t really my cup of tea. Let me know if yours is a good read- I always love book recommendations!

  3. I have had two aborted book club attempts. The first became an all out booze fest because no one would ever read the books but would come anyway and get wasted (which was kind of fun but defeated the point of a book club). The second was an all male (except for me) book club in grad school where they never wanted to read fiction. As one of them said, “If I am going to read something, I want to learn from it.” F*ck you, you can learn a lot from fiction!

    I hope you go!

  4. I hope so too! And I agree with you about learning from fiction. I enjoy nonfiction from time to time, but a quality novel is a rare find- and I always learn something.

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