2008 Resolutions

Making resolutions is my specialty. I have lists of them going all the way back to middle school. Every year, there’s one to “lose weight”. Very rarely do I actually pull that one off. Generally there’s something about reading more- which I never have a problem doing, but add to the list anyway. For several years I added writing letters to the list- until people said my letters made them feel guilty because they never wrote back. Who wants to send guilt by mail? My secret unwritten resolution for all these years has been to have one of those teen movie moments- a startling makeover where I become a graceful and beautiful creature, whose purse always matches her outfits, whose nails are always perfect, whose hair is perfectly styled, and who never drops crumpled receipts and used Kleenex from her purse as she walks. I just want that Audrey Hepburn moment in “Sabrina” where she is so immaculate that no one knows its her.

2008, I resolve, will be a better year than that. So, for better or worse, here’s the real list of goals:

  1. Come to terms with myself as I am- sloppy, messy, creative me with my visible roots and belly and all.
  2. Do something new once a week- take a class in belly-dancing or yoga or cooking or writing, go paint pottery, go to a church or a street fair I’ve never visited, try a new restaurant I’ve always wanted to test out.
  3. Make something once a week- a poem, a scarf, a painting, a potholder, soap, a pillow cover.
  4. Join a CSA to support local farms- and get some fresh produce in my system.
  5. Get my driver’s license.
  6. Buy a car.
  7. Complete my thesis by June, come hell or high water.
  8. Apply for five freelance writing gigs a week.
  9. Go to New Orleans for work or vacation.
  10. Visit my family four times- once a year is not enough! I miss them already.
  11. Say what I mean and ask for what I want- eliminate the passive-aggressive junk talk and the “I don’t know, what do you want to do,”s.
  12. Attend my monthly book club at least four times.
  13. Spend more time with my friends- at least coffee every other week.
  14. Fast at least once for ten days- my blood feels like sludge with all the junk food I’ve put in my body.
  15. Finish the Artist’s Way all the way through once.

That seems like more than enough to accomplish for one year. Oh, and I want a haircut and true love and to win the lottery. Other than the haircut, I feel like all of those are out of my hands. If I solve those too, I will officially place a brass marker to 2008 to memorialize the best year ever.



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