The Pre-New Year To-Do List

I am superstitious. Very, very superstitious. A new year for me is an incentive to get everything in order, to be a better me than I have been, to be a good Girl Scout and get prepared for whatever life may have waiting for me. Last year, I let it get away from me and spent the whole year in a blur of just getting by, whether it was because my bathroom was a mess on New Year’s Day or not. So, there is much to do between now and Monday night. Here’s the running list:

  • Shopping: healthy groceries, lamps for the house, clothes hangers, kitchen curtains, a picture frame to replace the broken one in the bathroom, a new mattress cover, new paper towel holder, magnets to replace the busted cabinet latches, shower head, hamper, bathroom rug
  • Groceries: All healthy… after I finish the remaining Christmas candy
  • Putting away all the Christmas trip luggage and gifts
  • Storing the luggage in the basement
  • Hanging the clean laundry
  • Re-making the bed with the new linens
  • Cleaning the living room
  • Finishing the dishes and giving the kitchen a good scrubbing
  • Making a pillow cover from my cashmere sweater with the hole in the chest
  • Hanging living room curtains
  • Sorting and storing all the bedroom laundry and moving the hamper
  • Moving the computer to the dining room
  • Storing the couch blankets in the end table
  • Finding a chair for the living room
  • Starting an “inspirations” bulletin board
  • Redoing my writing resume’
  • Redoing my legal resume’
  • Making 10 resolutions for the new year
  • Dyeing and highlighting my hair
  • Getting a haircut
  • Tweezing the eyebrows
  • Painting the toenails
  • Picking (or buying) the right outfit for New Year’s Eve
  • Shaving the cha-cha and everywhere else
  • Going through the remaining boxes of papers and starting the file cabinet
  • Paying the bills that are outstanding- or at least a small amount
  • Putting away the Christmas decor (sigh- I miss the liveliness…)
  • Getting my brain in order- figuring how not to settle for second best this year
  • Sending out thank you cards for gifts and New Year’s cards to those I missed for Christmas
  • Shipping out the Christmas gift for my cousin’s baby that came late

That’s a lot to accomplish. If I get half of it done, I’ll be a happy girl. And if not, well, 2008 has got to be better than the last month or so. Right?


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One response to “The Pre-New Year To-Do List

  1. And for what actually got done: Shopping (kitchen curtains, picture frame, paper towel holder, shower head, rug), luggage away, dishes, living room curtains, hamper move, writing resume, resolutions, and christmas decor away.

    Not bad. It’s a start.

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