Rainy Sunday thoughts

  • Ballet flats are not the proper footwear for puddles in winter. While they are very sensible walking shoes, if you are 5 feet tall, like myself, you end up with puddle water soaked into your pants to the knee.  
  • Thank heavens for gas station coffee. It makes an excellent hand warmer while waiting for the bus and saves three dollars against the delicious, but ridiculously-priced, lattes from the local Four-bucks. Besides, when sitting in a board meeting, a giant cup of coffee is the ideal prop for waving about while discussing budgets and annual goals.
  • Interviewing students can be an inspiring way to spend an afternoon. As an alumni volunteer, I had a chance to interview two scholarship applicants to my undergrad school. My general misanthropic lack of faith in young people was definitely tested by one of the young women, who had very well-thought out answers, knew about current events, and had great questions for me about the school and my professional life. I gave her a perfect score and know she’s gonna be one to watch out for down the road.
  • I haven’t been writing enough to maintain my sanity. In all the busy hubbub of getting settled in to my rotation at work and trying to keep the househusband amused, I have been a real disaster at taking time for me and to be creative. No wonder I’ve been such a scattered mess.
  • I love my new fake nails (ok, I caved and had to do something totally girly for me) but really, I wish the woman who did them would have believed me about how short I wanted them. They are WAY to long to be practical and would be much better at half the length. Does anyone have them and have any pointers? Can I cut them down myself or do I need to go have a pro do them? It’s gotten to the point where I’m self-conscious and worried they make me look like a mini drag queen.

Make it work. That is all.


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