How to spend a Sunday

It was officially the end of my four day hiatus from work. The dishes from Thanksgiving finally got wrapped up yesterday, and the house was still relatively clean from the holiday prep. The Fiance’ had redeemed himself on Saturday night for his Friday turkey-dom and sent me out for a few hours with B and my fantastic drag queen hairdresser.  A fabulous time was had by all. So what’s a girl to do with a Sunday task-free?

First, sleep until noon. When you wake up, roll over, open the laptop on the nightstand and surf the web for celeb gossip and legit news for a while. If you’re feeling really ambitious, browse for new themes for your blog and change it twice.  Contemplate rolling back over and going to sleep, but instead put on your comfiest fleece pants and head downstairs. Find your fiance’ on the couch and snuggle there until your stomachs start to growl. Get up and make two-minute Cream of Wheat and a pot of coffee- apply sugar generously. Convince your fiance’ to watch two tivo’d episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Change directions on the couch. Give a foot rub. Doze off. Wake up and go up to the spare bedroom and start to seal the drafty windows with plastic. Realize you only have one sheet and two windows. Realize the hairdryer cord is too short to reach the shrinkable plastic from the outlet. Contemplate finding an extension cord. Check email instead. Wake up fiance’ on the couch and talk him into eating Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner (again). Make a fresh batch of gravy to go with them as incentive. Play Payday. Play Candyland. Watch “A Christmas Story”on television. Snuggle some more. Eat chocolate pie and give another foot rub as your penalty for losing the double-or-nothing round of Candyland. Hang up your outfit for work on Monday. Give butterfly kisses to the man on your couch. Crawl back up to bed and write a blog entry. Wish your readers a great week ahead, look forward to the Steelers game Monday night, and hit the hay.

At least, that’s what I would do. 


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