Something to be thankful for

OK. In the interest of figuring out my bad attitude, it’s time for an overly cheerful list of things for which I am thankful.

I am thankful (in no particular order) for:

  1. My $20 electric heating fan that makes my room toasty without raising the gas bill.
  2. Enough money to feed myself, my fiance’, and his whole family on Thanksgiving.
  3. No reason to have to leave the house for the day.
  4. Plenty of blank journals to fill.
  5. The blogs I read that make me feel less bad for being grouchy.
  6. My new laptop.
  7. On Demand and Tivo.
  8. Lots of yummy leftovers.
  9. Naturally curly hair.
  10. Getting back to writing.
  11. My sisters.
  12. My best friend, even if I don’t see enough of him.
  13. A job that pays me enough to live on.
  14. A roof over my head.
  15. Dirty laundry- it’s a sign I have more clothes than I need.
  16. Knowing how to make chocolate pie.
  17. Knowing my fiance’- even if I can’t stand him right this second.
  18. I-Music.
  19. My fantasy of running away to New Orleans that gets me through when nothing else will.
  20. Going to bed and starting fresh tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Something to be thankful for

  1. Coffee – I am thankful for coffee. Amen.

  2. Speaking of coffee… I’m off to make some right this second. (I love waking up late on Sunday mornings).

  3. MarvalusOne

    That’s a mighty fine list…add for me: knowing how to make one very good German Chocolate Cake, I also second the coffee, and hazelnut creamer…

  4. yum. coffee AND german chocolate cake for me, please.

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