Good for a Monday

Mondays are the curse of the week. Sunday nights lead to despair knowing I’ll be back up at 6 am the next day in uncomfortable clothes in my office taking calls and answering email all day. But for some unknowable reason, I could bear it today. Maybe it’s the promise of a 3 day workweek and turkey on Thursday?

Came home from work to dinner ready and waiting. There are perks to having a househusband fiance’ even though financially it gets a little tight from time to time. But after dinner I made some little teasing comment that completely escapes me even now and he mentioned that since he’s been at home I’ve been mean to him. I don’t feel like I’ve been mean, but maybe I need to be more careful. I think he’s probably a little sensitive about contributing. But he’s been so much better emotionally lately. He was working ridiculous hours overnight, cocktailing afterwards, and hadn’t seen real sunlight in weeks when he called it quits. Trust me. It’s better this way for now.

I’m sure I could be more insightful and will add later, but it’s past my bedtime and my eyes are propped open with toothpicks as we speak. On to Tuesday…


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