Hangovers and Team Spirit

Ok. So I should have known that so many bourbon and diet cokes could not end well. But, I had five dollars in the jukebox, people to dance with, a few dollars in my pocket, and a safe ride home. Of course, I now also have a headache.

In honor of my humbled state, I spent the first half of the day in bed and the second half watching all but the last quarter of the Steelers game on the couch with the fiance’ and our friend, B, who crashed on the couch after all the debauchery. We ordered pizza and wings (from two different places- my fiance’ is a freak), gulped root beer and water, shouted at the t.v., and passed out for a nap while the team was still winning. The first words out of my mouth when I woke up to Sixty Minutes on t.v.? “Did we win?” Everyone else was asleep, so I had to see the bad news on the scrolling score report. Like every loyal fan, I’m convinced that if I had the fortitude to stay awake until the end, the sonic waves of my team spirit would have reached the team in New York and buoyed their spirits to rally for victory. I’m sorry I let you down guys.


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