The Search for Alone Time

When you live with someone who doesn’t have a job, finding time for yourself can be a bit of a challenge. The issue is not even time to do anything specific. If I had a specific task to accomplish, I could probably beg off an hour or two alone to do something. It’s the “I don’t want to do anything but be alone,” time. The sitting in front of the computer, taking a long bath, painting my toenails, reading a lame magazine, watching bad tv time when you don’t have to make conversation or be polite or eat food that actually belongs together.

I’m supposed to be Thanksgiving grocery shopping with the fiance’ and mother-in-law right now. And then lingering at the mother-in-law’s house for dinner and board games. And honestly, the idea of it all made me exhausted and want to break down in tears. So I sent him off without me. It’s my weekend. My days off. And Sundays are already set ahead for dinner and football with the in-laws. Which makes for 10 hours with in-laws over two days. And I like them. Really I do. But what the fiance’ doesn’t understand is that he can do all of those things in ratty clothes and not worry about manners or making conversation because they’re his family. But I have to be “on” the whole time- perky and happy and well-dressed and well-behaved. And I’m not really a sullen rude slob but if I want to be a few hours a week, I want to be alone to do it.

 It’s been another Artist Date free week. I need to just schedule two hours alone. For me. For fun. But since the fiance’ is home alone all day all week, I feel the need to entertain. And when I get time alone? I spend it rambling about getting time alone…


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