Not Fired (again)

Despite not showing up altogether on Friday… I still have a job. And no one even mentioned my being “out of the office” at all. In fact, my boss seemed fonder of me than usual. Odd, but ok after a four day weekend.

In other “TGI Tuesday” news- I got a call for a job interview on Friday morning doing what I actually went to school to do…fighting the good fight against employment discrimination. If I can get out of the office for two hours on Friday it will be a miracle…fingers crossed!

And I won a $100 gift certificate in a drawing at work- thank goodness I went today :). Things were going so well I bought a lottery ticket. I didn’t want to break my streak. If I win, this blog will become a totally different creature, I assure you.

Things I would buy if I won the Powerball:

  • A driver’s license…. to drive my new VW Jetta  (fancy, no? I am a girl with simple tastes. Navy blue with a sunroof)
  • A portable DVD player so we can stop watching movies on my laptop in bed
  • A pair of Frye motorcycle boots
  • Real Tiffany pearl earrings for everyday wear
  • Pay off the rest of my parents’ mortgage(s?)
  • A dining room set that seats six
  • Three dressers and two nightstands
  • A full-length mirror
  • The giant book collection of classics on Amazon for $9000 with everything anyone could ever want to read
  • Subscriptions to all the good lit journals
  • The Sunday New York Times every week
  • A wireless adapter fpr the desktop computer so we can both be online at once
  • A hat tree- vintage
  • A collection of perfumes (I never have enough)
  • Really good underwear
  • Real art from local artists for my walls
  • A CSA membership
  • Fund a scholarship to my college for someone
  • Glamorous pens and writing journals
  • Engraved Crane stationery
  • A duvet cover
  • Good china for the house
  • A set of sterling silverware in its own wooden box
  • One good leather handbag in brown and black

I’m sure more will come to me… but I’m feeling like window shopping for the finer things today. I always wanted to be classic and classy (as opposed to my current style which has been described as “a little bit of class, a little bit of trash.”


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  1. Besides the wish for real art bought from the artist, the other material desire I identified with the most was for “Really good underwear.”

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