The Artist’s Way

I’ve been trying to do the Artist’s Way for the last month or so, but keep falling off track. I think of myself as so Type B- a sloppy, lazy, grungy, creative mess, but the Type A neurotic student in me won’t let me say I’m “doing” the Artist’s Way unless I do all the assignments, never miss an Artist Date, never miss a set of morning pages. I give myself leeway to do morning pages in the afternoon as long as I do three a day, but I get so frustrated with myself and so stir crazy being unable to get a moment alone with the fiance’ currently out of work that I wanna scream.

 I pretend I’m going to take the laptop to the coffee house. I used to think it was a little pretentious when people do that. Now I completely understand. They all live with unemployed people and can’t get a spare moment to think. I should be grateful. If he ever goes back to work, I’ll probably find some other reason not to write- dishes (currently ignored), laundry (currently so backed up that I can’t afford to do it all), babies (not yet, but eventually, I hope). In the meantime, my current unemployed live-in fiance’ excuse seems to be working just fine.

 Everyone always says “Writers write.” I am a writer, really. I just scribble what I can when I can. Even if it’s not very good. But I want to be a disciplined writer. And that is where the difficulty comes in. I am barely disciplined enough to get a shower every day. OK- I am not even that disciplined. But it’s a holiday weekend. Give a girl a break!


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